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We have removed any intermediary between client and agency. They thought we were crazy, now they imitate us. We will spread our know-how to every company that wants to grow ethically online.

We are the human side of digital marketing.

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Dedicated Consultant

A dedicated consultant will manage the strategic and operational part of your web project, no frills, across the board.

No middleman

Trust us: there is no middleman, no account. It will be just us, with our core-team, for your brand and your project.

Award-winning Agency

Five-time international awards winner agency. Ranked among the best agencies in the EMEA market at the Google Premier Partner Awards.

Google Premier Partner

We are a Google Premier Partner agency consisting entirely of Google-certified professionals.

International Agency

With a multilingual team and having managed campaigns globally, we have the experience you need.

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Our digital advertising platforms

Google Ads

We have been managing Google Ads campaigns for many years, we are recognised by big G as one of the first Google Premier Partner agencies in Italy and among the TOP 100 in the EMEA market. We are the pioneers in Italy for the connection of Google Ads with third party platforms, since a few years now. If you want to be successful on search engines or in Display Advertising, you have found the perfect partner!

Bing Ads

We also drive your strategy on board the world's second most used pay-per-click platform, the three Microsoft search engines: Bing, Yahoo and AOL. A valuable opportunity to differentiate the investment of your advertising budget and reach even more users.

Spotify Adv

With Spotify Ads campaigns your brand has the opportunity to gain an audience with audio ads: not only users who use the service for free music, but also regular listeners of podcasts and the network's most popular playlists.


Thanks to Criteo, we have a real-time view of your users' browsing behaviour, on every device: we can place ads and launch dynamic remarketing campaigns on the Google display network, Facebook and many other display networks affiliated to the platform.

Facebook Ads

We are Facebook Marketing Partners and we breathe PPC and Social Media Marketing on a daily basis, studying everything that their world moves. We build complex strategies with a methodology matured during countless hours of work on Facebook.

Amazon Advertising

Do you want to run your ads on Amazon? Do you need help to improve your positioning on the platform? Whether you have a sales channel or are just getting started in advertising, our team has the right solution.

Twitter Advertising

Do you know how many people tweet in the world? Twitter Ads enables brands and users to communicate, allowing you to make a good choice of campaign subject matter, even within a highly populated social network. Ads for your strategy can become sponsored tweets, sponsored accounts and sponsored trends.


With a global pool of around 300 million active users worldwide, on Pinterest users search for inspiration and create pinboards that they can later browse with more content of interest. The possibilities are enormous, ranging from brand awareness, video advertising, traffic, app installs, conversions and commercial catalogue ads.


Outbrain's content recommendation model is the most advanced and complete solution on the market and operates on major newspapers worldwide. The ads model that can be integrated is that of paid related ads that link a news item to sponsored content, always in line with the user's search.


With Sky Advertising Manager we are able to customize the ads campaign selecting content, channels and desired audience according to target and budget, focusing on Sky Media properties. Thanks to sophisticated calculation algorithms, the platform is able to maximise the effectiveness and optimise the visibility of the campaigns.


Taboola's integration is based on the user experience, targeting campaigns that suggest and propose the user's desires and aligning with the editorial line of the platform on which we decide to focus our effort: the user is guided to discover offers in line with their interests.


What are our clients saying?

We chose RichClicks because we found in them the right mix of skills, enthusiasm and innovation: the perfect synthesis for an effective omni-channel strategy.

Simon Thun, Head of Retail at THUN

We needed a bespoke service as is in the DNA of our brand, we found in RichClicks the attention to detail that increased the value.

Simone Maggi, CEO at Lanieri

Thanks to RichClicks we were finally able to reach our audience with effective local and geo-targeted campaigns, resulting in an incredible increase in conversions.

Luigi Sguerri, CEO at My English School

Our company needed a smart partner who was always up-to-date on the best practices of the digital world, and in RichClicks we found all this. Thanks to the collaboration with them, the company's digital project is giving our brand a lot of satisfaction in terms of visibility and conversions.

Giusy Liuzzo, Head of Communication and Marketing at Montefarmaco

RichClicks immediately impressed me with the professionalism and organisation within the team. Young, smart and structured, an excellent partner to meet our development challenges.

Guillaume Grison, Co-founder of MUD Italia

Business is digital but relationships are human. That's why we chose RichClicks, an experienced team to be entrusted with the support in managing our Google Ads account.

Daniele Raina, Marketing Manager at SAE Institute

Alperia is a transparent and totally consumer-oriented brand and in RichClicks it has found the right partner, stimulating new technologies on the one hand, but always attentive to the needs of our customers on the other.

Alessandro Bonanno, Head of Digital Sales & CRM at Alperia Group

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