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The SEO strategy for e-commerce that will make your users fall in love.

SEO for e-commerce is a concept that encompasses various techniques and practices that make an online shop more visible on the results pages of Google and other search engines. It is also true that it is a very complex branch with a competitive landscape that is often dominated by industry giants. The aim is not just to bring traffic to your site, but for this increase to reflect a growth in revenue from all channels, including paid ones.

We offer our SEO consulting to all e-commerce companies who want to strengthen their organic presence, want to scale their strategy to a higher level or even to start-ups who want to find their niche in search engine rankings.

Users are the first beneficiaries of an SEO strategy for e-commerce.

There are many reasons to optimise your site for search engines, but the end result is to increase sales. When SEO is done right, you notice an increase in quality traffic, which leads to more repeat visitors, conversions and, consequently, sales.

At the heart of our philosophy, however, is a very clear principle: in order for our clients' e-commerce projects to be successful in terms of SEO, we make sure that we have in mind not only the needs of the search engines, but above all the needs of the users. If the various crawlers have certain demands when it comes to indexing and prioritising some sites over others, users also need to be taken into account when they are looking for something they care about. 

Our SEO consultancy for e-commerce explained in detail.

Semantic keyword research and interpretation is the basis of your SEO success: without it, there is no way to beat the competition and establish your online superiority. It is definitely the most important part.

Through the answers to the questions we ask all our new clients, we get the information we need to profile the different businesses and conduct this research phase in the most targeted and thorough way possible. The research we carry out is divided into two fields: competitors and keywords. 

These two fields intersect and allow us to get a very clear view of the competitive landscape and all the opportunities we can exploit.

Analysis of the organic positioning of competitors.

Analysing online competitors essentially has to answer three main questions:

- What keywords are your main competitors using to rank high on Google? (and you are probably ignoring them)
- Of these keywords, which are the ones to start from to implement your positioning strategy?
- What topics are your competitors weakest on?

Obviously, there are many other parameters to take into account and which lead us to make certain choices rather than others, but the concept, reduced to the bare bones, is to have the answers to those three simple questions and then go on to implement the strategy.

Warning: SEO competitors are those that compete with your e-commerce on the search engine, whether they are blogs, personal websites or companies from other sectors.

Keywords research and selection

Competitors do not necessarily reveal all keywords, that would be too easy. Therefore, an extensive search should be undertaken with special tools to uncover every opportunity.

When it comes to optimising the most important pages of your website, you should consider relevance, search volume and ranking difficulty. We suggest going for keywords that are highly relevant to you, not necessarily looking at search volume.

If you have an ecommerce business with several products, we focus on the placement of categories rather than individual reference pages. If, on the other hand, your offer includes a few selected products, which perhaps solve specific needs, we will focus on the positioning of the individual product pages.

With this work as a basis, we move on to the positioning of long-tail keywords, which are usually user queries to be answered with content marketing. These are often searches from users using more than one keyword, e.g. "How best to store sunscreen". This is usually the most creative and, why not, fun part. At this stage we usually create an editorial plan suggesting a content marketing strategy that also provides content to be shared on other channels such as social media, email, etc.

Ranking monitoring and constant optimisation.

The work behind every SEO project is not a one-time thing. Google and the other major search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to provide the best possible search results for their users. 

For this reason, the SEO for e-commerce work we do at RichClicks is the result of periodic checks and optimisations, based on the intent to produce consistent results over time.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

As we mentioned, SEO efforts would be meaningless if they were not accompanied by optimisation aimed at bringing in selected traffic. Without the application of SEO techniques, web users would not be able to find your site, but similarly, by not optimising the conversions that take place, all SEO efforts would not bring the desired results.

Combining SEO with CRO offers a set of effective strategies to help your business drive conversions towards your goals and generate more sales over time. 

The winning formula: UX and SEO for Ecommerce

Usability is a ranking factor for SEO and will become increasingly important in the future.

An optimal user experience means that a website is easy to use, useful, and fun. Your users will be more likely to browse your site to search for information or buy products.

By carefully analysing your site with tools to generate heatmaps, scrollmaps, etc. we are able to see how people interface with your site so that we can optimise each page. In this way you will benefit the most from increased traffic to your e-commerce.

A large part of the usability test focuses on the homepage, product pages and checkout. We also take into account macro and micro conversion targets to give your visitor quick ways to contact you, sign up for newsletters, reach information pages, making it easy and reassuring for visitors to shop on your shop.

We often recommend using a live chat widget: it works well to increase conversion rates and boosts user engagement, which is also great for SEO purposes.

Website speed

The loading speed of a website is an eternal problem that many ecommerce companies have and that few of them address with the right investment.

Visitors will not wait for a slow website to load. Your potential customers will take less than a second to return to the Google search results page and click on a competing site.

An official Google study in collaboration with Deloitte tells us that improving loading time by just 0.1 seconds can increase the conversion rate of a retail site by up to 8.4%!

The message is therefore clear: speed impacts sales as well as directly impacts Google rankings.

Mobile version of the website

Do you know how hot mobile shopping is becoming? Many people not only browse the web, but also shop via mobile devices, which means it's really important to have a mobile-friendly version of your site.

Nowadays, people do a lot of their shopping on mobile. Using a responsive design for your ecommerce website can lead not only to a better user experience, but also to better search results. Google's mobile-first index uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

The importance of SEO consultancy for e-commerce.

Many online users, especially after the pandemic year, rely on Google every day whenever they need a product or service. They are looking for options, advice, comparisons and other information to help them make informed decisions. 

Your ecommerce could already be providing answers to a lot of potential customers, but is it easily accessible and usable? With our SEO consulting for e-commerce we will find out together, contact us!

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