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Search results are the basis for digital marketing. But climbing the mountain of SERPs and being found in the right place, even with paid campaigns, is no easy task. So what are the most effective strategies for paid advertising campaigns that really enhance your brand?

When it comes to managing pay per click campaigns on search engines, our primary focus is on performance, management and accurate monitoring. Yes, of course, that's a story anyone can tell you, you might think. If we have something extra and we push to prove it, it is the human touch: here, it is considered of paramount importance for success.

Our strategies are entirely focused on achieving the goals for your business, focusing on continuous optimisation of resources and methods. The beating heart of the paid strategies is like an engine that needs to be oiled, looked after, and cared for in a constant and gentle manner; it is the daily bread of our work. For this reason, our philosophy is always based on a total confrontation with our clients and their needs.

Because, yes, implementing PPC campaigns is perhaps the most common way to allow your site to reach its objectives, to open up to potential customers, to launch a winning campaign. But behind this, we assure you, there is a world in constant movement that needs to be studied, optimised and conquered.

Paid search has never been an easy world.  We’re here to help you transform it into it. So what can we offer you to achieve real success?

Our offer includes:

  • Search Advertising on Google Ads e Bing

  • Display Advertising on Google Ads

  • Video Advertising

  • Smart Campaigns

  • Local Campaigns

  • Shopping on Google Ads and Bing

  • Universal App Campaigns

Our PPC core team has a direct approach to clients: between the verticality of each strategy and platform, it always puts dialogue and research first, in synergy with the required objectives.


Scroll down again and let's get into the practicalities of things, starting with our method.

SEA, SEM and Paid Search Advertising, our consultancy.

Our strength lies in our approach: we always try to understand, first of all, who we are dealing with and what their needs are for their advertising campaigns. 

Let us explain the method.

What kind of strategy? Let's talk!

What does your brand stand for? What are your objectives? What do you plan to do with your business? At RichClicks the conversation starts with a free and formal chat: tell us about your project and tell us what you have in mind for the future. Objectives, ideas, stimuli: everything you have in mind will be useful to us in order to better convey our strategy from the very beginning. We strongly believe in the sincere and transparent approach of the client, we consider this step of equal importance to the most important optimisation or the result.

We define the objectives together 

From the conversion funnel analysis to budget fine-tuning, scouting of the best investment channels for the client and best practices to achieve their goal in the online advertising segment that best suits their prospects. Your consultant will thoroughly analyse market and competitor data before starting to plan what to do, always at your pace. The strategy must have SMART objectives, optimise the budget and follow a continuously updated action plan. In this phase we use extremely advanced and innovative research tools, which we present to you, sharing their efficiency with you in a transparent manner.

We define a research and media mix strategy

The part where the strategic work defined with customer assessment comes to life. We analyse the combined use of media in order to implement multi-channel strategies that allow us to maximise the return on advertising investment (ROI). Without overlapping between the different communication channels and, therefore, without dispersion of costs. The dedicated consultant studies and organises the campaign, planning the launch date. He typically takes decisions on the choice of channels through which to convey the advertising message and always communicates with you to use the different media according to their specific and distinctive characteristics.

We pass the ball to our PPC Manager 

He has a dedicated team that works daily to implement the guidelines agreed upon during the preliminary study: keyword research (topics and sub-topics with which to expand the search and increase interest in a product or service), optimisation, spending review, analysis and research into best practices for reaching leads. Our SEA and SEM team, then, operationally integrates know-how on prepared strategies: all the world we breathe is a campaign that before going online has been prepared in the best way.

And then, the campaign, how do you manage it?

Paid campaigns: Our PPC setup.

Well, we've gathered even more information. What setup for the campaign, then?

There are infinite ways, but we can start with the basics and go into more detail. The four essential points for our method, after years of refinement in the field, have always remained clear to us:

1. Research strategy
The consultant analyses market and competitor data in depth. He informs himself about the product. The strategy must have SMART objectives, optimise the budget and follow a continuously updated action plan. Extremely advanced and innovative research tools are used in this phase.

2. Campaign set up
The dedicated consultant studies and organises the campaign, planning the launch date.

3. Campaign management
The consultant manages your campaign on a daily basis, continuously optimising.

4. In-depth campaign reports, suggestions and ideas
Your consultant will provide you with a weekly or monthly in-depth report, where you can study new action plans for the following period. He will also be an inexhaustible source of ideas, solutions and advice for achieving your objectives.

Why trust us with your paid strategy

So what do we do more than others to make your campaigns perform at their best?

Our offer includes:

  • Setup bidding modes to optimise machine learning and smart campaigns in relation to each other

  • Campaign and ad group implementation

  • Implementation of campaign management settings and details: the consultant manages your campaign on a daily basis, continually optimising its status.
  • A/B testing before and during campaign implementation

  • Constant monitoring and optimisation

  • Analysis and tracking and use of advanced reporting tools on the PPC side that integrate with web analytics systems (Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, RichDashboard
  • Specialising in geotargeting: sponsored ads ensure accurate targeting. By correctly segmenting your audience, you can ensure that you reach quality users who are actually interested in making a purchase. The first to benefit is your ROAS. Let's take the targeting possibilities offered by Google Ads as an example: locations, places of interest and demographic data (age, language). Geo-targeting allows you to select specific locations around the world to better highlight your ad in a specific geographic area.
  • In-depth campaign reports, suggestions and ideas: your consultant will provide you with a weekly or monthly in-depth report, where you can study new action plans for the following period. He will also be an inexhaustible source of ideas, solutions and advice for achieving your objectives.

Google Premier Partner Agency: certified and native-speaking consultants

RichClicks is officially certified as a Google Premier Partner Agency. All our projects are managed with in-house and direct Google representatives. Our consultants are all officially certified by Google as professionals in Search Engine Advertising, Display Advertising and Analytics. We operate in international markets with native-speaking consultants.

Google Partner consultancy means the valuable integration of a media-mix by the consultant who will be in charge of your project, not just a web marketing expert but a person with the know-how that only belongs within Google Premier Partner agencies. Through dedicated consultancy we have the opportunity to have direct contact with the interpreters who work within big G and who provide us with constant support, exclusive insights and suggestions to optimise all the work of our team dedicated to the world of paid campaigns on social networks and paid ads on Google platforms.

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