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Successful Email Marketing: Our communication strategy.

Email marketing is a digital strategy that is implemented to achieve specific business goals. One of the most important is to convert your contacts into customers: through the creation of content in graphic, written or video form that engages them in the right way.

Before the conversion of a lead into a customer, some important strategic steps must be taken. It's not just a matter of collecting personal data and sending out attractive proposals en masse, but of convincing your users to take action.

Clearly define your main objectives. Which service do you want to showcase through a dedicated campaign? What are the interesting highlights to attract new customers?

Our consultants use innovative software on a daily basis to make the most of the quality of the contacts that customers want to approach, dynamically anticipating their needs and aiming for effective communication.

Our best practices for your email marketing campaign.

It always starts with an email address, then gets to know the customer and dedicates the most suitable services to them.

The construction of an email marketing strategy passes first of all from a target audience, the foundations to keep everything standing. In other words, a quality mailing list must be made up of people who can actually become customers. What is the point of bothering users who will have no interest in interacting with your service?

Analysis, research and study of your objectives: building a clean and functional mailing list allows you to create a communication that stimulates the relationship with existing customers and, above all, with all potential users, who are out there but have not yet discovered you.

The main advantages of effective email marketing can essentially be summarised in three areas:

  • Inform about your company's products, services and promotions.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your strategy in real time.
  • Build your customer loyalty.

We can adopt a strategy of lead generation and then lead nurturing. Work on targeting, getting contacts, nurturing them.

This is why it is important to include specific call to action and personalised copy within the text.

An agency that works on email marketing aims to attract potential customers to your brand, with communication organised to be nurtured afterwards

What are marketing automation tools used for?

To better profile your users, content personalisation, even in a dynamic way, allows you to adapt their needs to the requirements of your project and can be constantly optimised over time. It also allows you to give a human touch to automated communications.

Our service allows you, in just a few clicks, to discover how interaction works with the users we are targeting in our campaign, and to discover valuable insights, including:

  • Emails delivery rate.
  • Number of openings and user engagement health.
  • Open rate of emails sent based on segments and person buyers created.
  • Click on the links of your email, to the call to action or to the service.
  • Insight into the functioning of the content used in the email.
  • Most interested customers and customers who are not useful to our lead generation.

Trust us: once you get off on the right foot, email marketing becomes more and more fun, especially if you decide to use a marketing automation platform.

Try our services and start now!

The right platform for your email marketing campaign.

So you may be wondering which software we recommend to put your campaign into practice. RichAutomation is RichClicks' exclusive email marketing and marketing automation software platform, designed to improve the lead acquisition process and the transformation of contacts into sales.

With RichAutomation you can generate more qualified leads and turn them into customers, improving the efficiency of your marketing activities. By optimising your web marketing strategies with simplicity and adding effective automation, you can improve the conversion rates of e-commerce and lead acquisition sites.

RichAutomation was developed to increase and optimize your marketing efforts through features like:

  • Send automated emails based on user behaviour and membership lists.
  • Create workflows for automatic emailing and task creation based on personalised rules.
  • Send automatic emails when users leave a shopping basket.
  • Analyze user behaviour (open emails, clicks, display of key content) by recording everything in the CRM.
  • Leverage sophisticated and customizable lead scoring to identify users and find out who’s more or less ready to purchase your offer.

Ask one of our consultants, who will be able to guide you by providing evaluations on activities that will be useful, technical specifications that will be the core of the goal and complete evaluation of the service you are looking for.

Let's have a chat, tell us about your idea and find out how our services and products can help you create an email marketing campaign that gets you there!

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