Case Study

The Client

Blundstone, the renowned Australian brand founded back in 1870 in picturesque Tasmania, has earned an unparalleled reputation for its distinctive Chelsea boots. These boots, renowned for their extraordinary durability, comfort and versatility, have established themselves as an icon of fashion and functionality.

Whether you find yourself in an urban setting or adventurously exploring in the wilderness, Blundstone boots prove reliable companions, embodying the spirit of adventure and timeless durability. Their fame has extended far beyond Australian borders, winning the admiration of individuals around the world.

The Challenge

In the fourth quarter of 2023, the goal was to revitalize sales of the iconic Blundstone boots, surpassing the previous year's results, with a particular focus on the Italian and Spanish markets. The strategy focused on two main fronts: increasing brand awareness and optimizing conversions.

To support these initiatives, a marketing automation strategy was implemented to convert targeted traffic, using popups to collect leads and offering welcome discounts on first orders. This targeted approach effectively engaged customers and promoted appreciation for the quality and reliability of Blundstone boots.

Our Approach

Meta and Google campaigns aimed to boost brand visibility, using images and videos that reflected Blundstone's values. This was complemented by catalog and shopping creative, along with remarketing strategies, to showcase products and stimulate interest.

Close and fruitful collaboration with the Blundstone Italy team catalyzed the migration of marketing automation and email marketing activities from the Omnisend platform to Klaviyo, a strategic step that generated significant conversion results and further enhanced the effectiveness of our marketing initiatives.

The results‍

During the fourth quarter of 2023, integrated campaigns achieved excellent performance compared to the previous year:

Google Ads: An ROAS of 25, marking a 261% increase, with a 130% increase in conversion rate.

Meta: An ROAS of 5.30, with a 15% improvement and a 250% increase in the add-to-cart rate.

Performance of Klaviyo

Campaigns through Klaviyo showed:

  • A 34.47% open rate and a 2.68% click-through rate, with a 0.06% placed order rate.

Marketing automation showed even more remarkable results:

  • An open rate of 68.40%, a click rate of 14.53%, and an impressive placed order rate of 7.22%.

These results underscore the success of the strategy adopted by Blundstone, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-planned synergy between brand awareness, conversion, and marketing automation in boosting sales and strengthening brand presence in key markets.


Google Ads

ROAS of 25 with a 261% increase and 130% increase in conversion rate


ROAS of 5.30 with 15% improvement and a 250% increase in cart addition rate


Open rate of 68.40%, clicks of 14.53% and orders placed of 7.22%


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