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Digital Export and International Growth: our services

RichClicks is one of Google's Trusted International Growth Partners: our agency has been certified as one of the top 5 in Italy for Export growth, the result of an exclusive programme that allows us, as selected partners, to make international growth effective and concrete for our clients.

Our consultancy for internationalisation tools are the result of training promoted by Google and our DALL alliance, through which we have broadened our knowledge in the field of growth and export: removing critical obstacles in the localisation, logistics, finance and customer care operations of our clients' different projects, to ensure the expanding of their companies abroad.

International Digital Marketing solutions: DALL for your market growth

Together with 8 other European agencies we founded DALL International, an alliance created to share values, knowledge and side projects in the markets each member represents.

As well as providing involvement and valuable input from different countries, the alliance embraces digital evolution from a variety of perspectives, while focusing on strategic synergy for impact. We help realise goals related to development and expansion in international markets, including:

  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • France
  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Scotland
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • United States and Canada

An international alliance of strategic and ambitious partners, with over 400 certified specialists located throughout Europe, we deliver services that accurately match our clients' expectations and capabilities and provide strategic and technical support.

DALL members are Google Premier Partners committed to providing results-oriented solutions and expertise to our cross-border customers.

Our consultancy for International Digital Marketing and export

As a Google Premier Partner agency, we can help companies to internationalise and export with an extra gear: our consultancy will present you with an all-round strategy, useful to understand if your company has the prospects to go abroad, conveying a choice of activities that you can benefit from once the project is planned together.

Our services for your internationalisation include:

Google Market Finder: what our clients are guaranteed

We are among the Google Premier Partner Agencies that guarantee your company a global marketing expansion full of opportunities: successful export strategies with the best tools to plan an ad hoc internationalisation consultancy.

Market Finder is a tool launched by Google to help companies identify new international customers, plan the right moves and increase online sales abroad. It provides companies with technical insights, data to support an internationalisation strategy and dedicated tools, with particular attention to marketing and digital growth in the round, from planning to operations.

A fundamental part of the programme are Google-side tools for international positioning and growth, in steps dedicated particularly to market exploration and prioritisation, educational scouting and support materials, event creation, IT-level event creation, additional insight and analysis, and definition of export strategy and offer.

Google for export: our Internationalization Consultancy

The services provided by Google are a true guide within the digital marketplace, providing valuable information to analyse the global state of opportunities, the present and the future of online. 

Find out the overview of the areas of operation, resources and tools, which include:

Operations planning areas

  • Localisation
  • Payments
  • Customer care
  • Logistics
  • Personnel recruitment
  • Tax and legal requirements

Scope of the marketing strategy

  • Global marketing strategy
  • Measurement and business performance
  • Search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Video advertising
  • Find a marketing partner

The benefits of an International Growth Agency

To date, only 45 agencies worldwide have been selected by Google, including RichClicks. In order to be included in this exclusive shortlist, our team has confirmed that it is one of the top Premier Partners, made up of professionals of international standing with the skills necessary to foster growth and sales abroad for our clients, demonstrated with skill in the field.

The objective of Google's International Growth programme is in fact to lead Italian brands to invest in foreign countries, with a strategic approach that starts with a careful and detailed analysis of how the market might move: the internationalisation of companies made to measure.

To do this, the agencies chosen to convey the tools of the project are guaranteed a dedicated team to support the internationalisation of their current clients and the proposition of global expansion projects for prospective clients, conveyed also by a reserved access to several platforms of exclusive Google use (with Market Finder data, geolocation and much more).

Want to expand your business across borders?

Find out how we can help you create online marketing campaigns in new markets and ask us for more information.

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