UK and Europe, we won 2 MarTech Outlook awards!

The world of digital marketing, as we know, is increasingly a vast and chaotic body in motion, difficult to decipher for most entrepreneurs who approach it. Amidst innovations and expanding technologies, finding agencies that can meet the values and demands of businesses can be a time-consuming, research-intensive task.

To help organisations and market leaders select the best vendors and move forward with business, development and creativity, MarTech Outlook's editorial board evaluated and shortlisted a handful of companies deemed "at the forefront of providing modern marketing technology solutions".

The California–based magazine presented the list of the two main marketing awards of 2021, the 5 best agencies in the UK and the 10 best agencies in Europe.

And we're there too, with both awards!

«RichClicks leverages the latest technology tools for data analysis, reporting and monitoring, making sure to balance them with the right amount of human touch in each strategy, rather than depending entirely on the technology itself. RichClicks always adopts an omni-channel strategy to achieve one or more objectives of a different nature, given its nature as a full-service digital marketing agency.

Formed by experienced SEO consultants, it is an agency that is quick to follow innovations and trends, keeping up to date to keep up with the times and anticipate possible changes, in an ever-changing digital landscape. Thanks to its achievements, the company has recently been selected by Google as one of the leading international agencies for the quality of service and marketing expertise it offers in the global marketplace».

What's MarTech Outlook?

Formerly known as Marketing Tech Outlook, MarTech Outlook is a leading business technology magazine based in San Francisco, California. It is the go-to resource for senior marketing leaders, recognised for sharing knowledge, experience and key insights on new products, services, technologies and trends in tech and digital developments.

Considered an informative guide to the changing scenarios in the marketplace, MarTech Outlook provides technology news, articles, insights and updates on the latest trends in the industry, periodically highlighting the best companies that are challenging the new, worldwide.

For RichClicks, this is the second time, after being selected by MarTech Outlook itself, in 2020, as one of the Top 10 digital marketing consultancies.

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