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Attract users to the right place, at the right time.

Inbound Marketing is the most effective way to focus brand communication on quality content, created specifically to answer users' questions and needs. The goal is to make sure that it will be your potential customer to find your brand, not you to chase for it.

How? Think of the inbound marketing strategy as a showcase decoration: how can you attract new customers to enter your store? There are secrets and insights to do it, and to do it really well. So that afterwards, in your store, they will be happy to come back again.

Instead of acting like most of the old media - interrupting the user from an activity, such as radio and TV advertising do - inbound marketing methodology aims to attract attention, highlighting the creation of content that is tailored to the needs of the user who is browsing. Our strategy should not disturb the user, but give it something he needs, sometimes even anticipating the very moment he wants it. The goal is to gain attention organically, without interrupting from a specific search, to be the most useful answer.

How do you set up a winning strategy to make this real? Start now by discovering our methodology and ask one of our specialized consultants.

Make inbound marketing your extra weapon!

Inbound Strategy, our way.

What is the philosophy behind inbound marketing?

First of all, we strictly divide the work into the various crucial phases that distinguish its methodology. The strategy, if well executed, needs to be spread on four important steps of realisation: attract, convert, close delight. Each chapter is placed in a specific moment of our campaign, catalysing energies at different moments of the process of conversion of the user.

Attract, convert, close, delight.

Create content targeted to the needs of your potential customers, make a dissemination through the most appropriate channels, generate the need. The user has a life cycle that can arise in the visitor stage to be able to culminate in the promoter of your product. Adapt the content to your audience. Tailor-made marketing is marketing that works. Operating in all digital channels so that you can be wherever people are looking for you, with a multi-channel philosophy and the integration of all resources allows you to have a better overview. At the basis of our work we always pay great attention to maintaining a special focus on each phase, because to be credible, to propose quality, to choose the best answer to the customer's questions, it is necessary to balance each step in the correct way.

That’s also the secret to get qualified leads and real clients.

What do you start with?


The first, essential step concerns the essential core of inbound marketing: attracting a customer, attracting traffic, inspiring the user to make a choice that has been carefully prepared in advance for him. The likely representation of the customer on whom we want to focus - the Buyer Person - contains objectives, challenges, criticalities and objections common to a segment of the target audience. The tools we take care of to attract your customers can be many: creation/optimisation of a corporate magazine, landing pages created ad hoc to present a service, tailored email marketing, inbound campaigns on social networks.


Let's move on to the intermediate stage: converting our contact essentially passes through what we are able to offer. So the offer we work on, in order to put the inbound strategy on the right track, needs to provide – always – high quality content to the user. In short, to convince whoever will make the final choice behind a desktop or a mobile phone, filling your copy with low expectations or disappointing promises is just not enough. Think about how long it could last after your relationship if it should receive, in exchange for his personal contact information, something done in a rush, without any care. Whether it's a special guide, an educational case history, an invitation to participate in an exclusive event and much more, the user needs to see in you credibility and advantages over competitors. This is the concept from which our consultants always start to act. Call to action and forms are therefore designed down to the last detail because, after all, when you read a menu that does not inspire you the goodness of the dish you are ordering, do you order your dinner with pleasure?


Working in the best way means that now is the time to close the circle: the user won through our inbound marketing strategy now enters our own comfort zone, that is a dedicated tracking through which we can customize future communications, profile new strategies for its purchasing process and so on. Not lead generation in the strict sense, but much more: our agency, thanks to the integration of marketing automation and CRM, works hard to always find out in advance what your company's lead expects after the first step. In this case, too, playing ahead but maintaining quality is the decisive step to not miss all future opportunities.


Future opportunities, in fact, depend on how we act to maintain that winning catchment area. Delighting the lead and converting it into an active customer aware of your message means starting again a work dedicated to tomorrow, that takes it even beyond the choice already made. This means that those who become customers now have the opportunity to be your own promoter, disseminate information and actively participate in campaigns that will be born in the future. The stimulus to continue to choose you - through up-selling and cross-selling, for example - and the input to the constant and lasting relationship are small specialties that we have developed and refined for years in our agency, building case studies and obtaining important international recognition.

Now you'll have clear steps for bomb-proof inbound marketing. What’s next?

Trust our skills and further deepen our world: no round of words, just the result of years of work in the field.

Our Inbound Marketing Certifications

RichClicks consultants specialize in Inbound Marketing with the prestigious certification of the Hubspot Academy: they know its main tools, use and insights, from strategy to technique. In addition to that, we actively use the platform of which we are partners and on which we operate our exclusive RichAutomation, with whom we convey the work for over 20 clients for inbound marketing projects: SharpSpring.

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