Custom Reporting Consultancy

Learn all about your leads and make the most of them

Our custom and advanced reporting service: how can we make your data analysis more effective?

Through our research we will go one step further than ordinary reporting, which means that we will not simply capture every lead from forms, calls, chats or transactions, but we will track every relevant marketing activity detail.

Our customised reports will let you know:

  • Which pages, ads and keywords are converting best
  • Which marketing campaigns and activities your leads come from
  • Whether your leads are qualified or not
  • The sales value of the leads
  • The data on each lead and the possibility of adding customised fields

Custom Reporting Consultancy

Discover the combination of ads, keywords and landing pages that can bring in the most revenue for your business.

Understand the dimensions and metrics that will bring you better results and track your lead acquisition with our detailed reports.

Examine each strength and weakness of your brand identity and make it better: we will take care of the rest!

Need a dedicated consultation? Contact us without obligation, our agency will examine your project.

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