Case Study

The client

Having become a successful rhythmic gymnastics and dance shoe manufacturer in the late eighties, Freddy has never stopped innovating, establishing itself as a leader in the creation of professional footwear for athletic sports of various kinds, exporting a claim connected to its products all over the world: the art of movement. Freddy's tagline has always been "the art of movement", a positioning that is part of the brand's heritage. This strong identity factor, however, was at risk of getting lost over time, especially within younger consumer groups, on which the brand had lately focused only partially, with the result of low penetration and weaker product awareness.

The challenge

RichClicks was hired to manage ADV campaigns with an international focus, particularly Brand Awareness on all channels and Conversion from Social campaigns. We decided from the beginning to take a full funnel approach and selected Youtube, Facebook and Instagram as the main campaign channels. 

The target markets selected were: Italy, UK, USA, Spain, Austria, France. Some of these had very little knowledge of the brand and we managed the launch of new Freddy lines to be positioned on the market with WRUP jeans and NOW, revolutionary products for the target audience.  

Our approach

The Brand Awareness was focused on using the video format. Together with the client we decided to create a TrueView campaign, 1 minute lenght, which was combined with a remarketing campaign with a shorter one of 30' seconds and 6 seconds bumpers. All of these videos had a similar approach, with modifications to adapt to the platform, on Facebook and Instagram. In the targeting phase, RichClicks used different audiences - such as custom affinity, custom intent, In-Market - and tested their performance on a day-to-day basis. We also created an automated flow to update Customer Audiences and create Lookalikes accordingly.

The campaigns have been an enormous success, the collaboration of creativity, constant research of the best target and balancing of budgets has brought many new users into the Freddy world and generated an amazing ROAS. All indicators, both brand awareness and conversion have increased significantly and have benefited from this new strategy.





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