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Our Digital Marketing Consultancy, human and personalised.

The human factor is crucial for a web marketing project.

Do you think pressing a random button is good enough to start a perfectly performing campaign? Unfortunately not.

In fact, thankfully humans are still the main characters on the stage.

In a world that loves to talk about automation, artificial intelligence, robotics and all kinds of similar sophistication, we want to stress the importance of a human brain and the crucial difference real – human – relationships can make.

Behind the success of any online project there are people who think, study, plan, seek and find solutions. And no, certainly not artificial shortcuts.

Let the machines be just instruments.

Let the human side be still at the core of the future.

Who is a Digital Marketing Consultant at RichClicks?

It’s a professional who tracks the strategy and acts as the Project Manager for any kind of digital marketing activity.

A self-starter who’s knowledgeable about his work. A skilled, self-made individual who knows well what he is talking about.

We always set up a partnership relationship with our customers, we believe indeed that the supplier-agency relationship is now outdated.

Imagine our consultant as a colleague with whom set common goals, plan activities and measure results.

A web project that aims abroad? No problem, our team is made up of native speakers of various languages ​​and we manage campaigns all over the world.

You deserve a Dedicated Consultant

All of our consultants come up from the ranks, we consider this a crucial plus in order to offer a real consultancy and not just a well-made presentation. They have knowledge of every digital marketing channel with very deep specialization in one or more areas, exactly what is usually called t-shaped professional.

We shorten the time and we achieve better results by putting the customer directly in contact with the person who knows the operation of the project, who has the competence to operate directly and in real time, if necessary.

We consider fairly outdated the idea of ​​entrusting a client in the hands of an account manager, a figure who has the task of communicating with him and therefore reporting the work to be done within the agency. 

How many times have you waited weeks for a single, small change on your campaign? How many so-called marketing experts told you to wait to see results you asked for?

With our approach to consultancy, this won’t ever happen.

Feel free to ask us what you have in mind. Feel free to ask about your future.

The role of technology in digital marketing.

What role does technology play in today’s web consultancy? Yes, it’s crucial to speed up and refine data analysis.

Different kinds of human jobs will soon be replaced by robots. But the central role for a consultancy that points to the success of a web project remains the competence, together with the intuition and the creative impulse. 

And what most digital marketing agencies don’t know is that those are all qualities that - luckily! - only a human professional can have by this time.

Sure, our consultants use the best technological tools on the market for data analysis, reporting, monitoring. But also our own internal tools to manage PPC campaigns, marketing campaigns, social media, email marketing automation and much more.

Technology is our friend to the extent that it supports us, of course. But any strategic vision, especially long-term thinking, we leave them firmly in the hands of our human consultants.

Everything that a digital marketing strategy needs to have, you find it here. Only that it will be way closer (and human) to your vision.

What to expect from our Digital Marketing Consultants.

Our consultant is always directly in contact with the project stakeholders: you will speak with him every time it will be necessary to do so. By establishing this close contact you must expect total transparency on the performance of your project: if a campaign is not working properly we will be the first to advise, to propose solutions, to show you the best alternatives.

Almost every time it’s our consultant who stimulates and remembers deadlines to the client with maximum proactivity. What does it all mean? More time you can dedicate to your business for strategic decisions, brainstorming, trade policies.

Contact us now and tell us about your web project, your marketing plan, your products or services.

We will be more happy to have a chat and give you the real ideas that can help you realize your future. But seriously.

Let’s give a face to digital!

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