Meta Business Partner Agency

RichClicks is part of the Meta Business Partners Agency hub, a programme structured specifically for agencies that manage advertising campaigns on behalf of brands or other companies.

It's built to support agencies, grow expertise and know-how and help our clients succeed through specific insights, best practice, training and much more, from Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads and all around the Meta advertising world.

The marketing programme offers a wide range of benefits, including tools, resources, training and support, enabling us to provide an excellent service to our clients as a Facebook Certified Partner agency.

Meta Business Partners Agency: what is it for?

What kind of benefits are provided to support agencies and brands?

Some of the key resources include:


Meta Business Partners Agencies enjoy a direct relationship with Meta and request in-depth consultations with members of their support team, who are willing to help with very complex projects at any time with Facebook and Instagram.

As Meta is inundated with issues and support requests on a daily basis, this can ensure that our managed accounts are backed up and running in hours rather than days/weeks.


Being an official partner allows our team to receive one-on-one training with Meta and be the first to learn about new features and media products. This allows us to use the latest methods and tools to generate added value for our clients.

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