Server-Side Tracking Consultancy

What is it and how does it work?

Are you thinking of launching a new website or moving your current tracking to a server?

At RichClicks we are ready to answer all your questions, through our consulting service that will take care of your complete set-up.

How, exactly?

Here are some of the key steps:

  • Configuration time

We are ready to configure server-side tracking for your website and support you during the process: you will speed up your website and improve tracking accuracy.

  • Auditing

Take full control of your server-side tracking configuration and make sure it is correct. By having our team perform an audit, we can provide you with recommendations and solutions to improve your server-side tracking configuration.

We are experienced in setting everything up from the ground up and provide guidance through the process, follow the process and add solutions when needed, and perform a detailed audit.

  • Consultancy

Server-side monitoring can be complicated, but our team is here to support you!

Book a consultation appointment with one of our experts and we will be ready to answer all your questions and provide tailor-made guidance.

Server-Side Tracking Consultancy

How can we help your company?

By providing you with solutions to solve any server-side tracking problems and advice on how to optimise your inter setup.

In addition, we will gladly support your team with dedicated training and consultancy to track performance even after the job is done.

Need a dedicated consultancy? Contact us without obligation, our agency will review your project.

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