Tag Management Consultancy

What is it and how does it work?

It's time to enhance your digital marketing, collect valuable data and act in real time: at RichClicks we make measuring your digital marketing more agile and set up more accurate monitoring.

If you are conducting or intend to conduct a wide range of marketing campaigns across multiple channels, our agency will ensure that your budget is not wasted and that your campaigns are tracked correctly in order to modify them for maximum performance.

Are you sure that Google Tag Manager and dataLayers are correctly integrated throughout your digital footprint?

We are here to help your business with our dedicated Tag Management service.

Tag Management Consulting

What can we do for you?

  • Tracking

We track the tagging process and monitor the performance of your site vertically. We increase conversion rates by collecting more precise data and improving site performance based on the data obtained.

  • Analysis

Our team will analyse and understand what needs to be changed, added or removed from your tracking. We identify tags that compromise site performance, violate policies and/or do not comply with legal requirements.

  • Tag Management System

The detailed method of adding, removing or modifying any marketing tag with the support of our team of experts and advanced tools.

  • Reporting

Get all the information you need on your digital marketing activities through our detailed reports.

Need a dedicated consultancy? Contact us without obligation, our agency will review your project.

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