Marketing strategies for e-commerce

What is the right strategy to grow your e-shop?

At this point you may be wondering how we operate and why we consider ourselves experts in E-Commerce, keep reading and you will find out.

Analysis of the initial situation: growth opportunities.

When we take on a new E-Commerce project, we start by doing a general brand research, with the specific intent of understanding the values ​​of the brand and the story it wants to tell the audience.

The purpose of this research is dedicated to the initial definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators, the fundamental goals for the business to keep an eye on, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy during the work) and of the USP - the acronym for Unique Selling Point -, the distinctive feature of the brand that allows it to differentiate itself from its competitors, which must be central, a pivot point to the entire strategy.

Once defined the KPIs and the USP together with the client, we take care of identifying what has been done up to that point in terms of marketing strategy; we also make sure to check what tone of voice has been used, a very important factor in terms of content marketing.

Then we establish which results can be obtained in the immediately following period and in the long term, listening carefully to the wishes and needs of the client to complete the pre-analysis and determine the growth opportunities, the positioning to adopt - with respect to the competitors - and the market of reference.

The highlights of our strategy: UX, SEO, ADV, Content and Marketing Automation.

Taking into account the opportunities and achievable results, the next step is to analyse the current state of all the client's platforms and digital assets, keeping in mind the 4 main pillars from which to create their digital ecosystem: E-Shop, SEO, Content and Ads.

Architecture and usability of the online shop.

We assess the current state of the website architecture to understand where we can improve it. We proceed with usability and how to get the right information to the user as quickly as possible. This point is often underestimated by clients themselves who tend to think that the game is all about advertising campaigns or SEO.

SEO optimisation.

As the second step of the analysis, we look at organic positioning. We always do a technical audit to measure how the site 'communicates' with the search engines. Through the use of industry-leading tools, we are able to advise you on the corrective measures to be taken.

We then go on to draw up an SEO strategy that includes choosing the keywords with the highest potential, writing all the on-page optimisations and analysing the content and how to create interesting and original content based on user needs. In short, a real SEO strategy for e-commerce.

Performance Campaigns.

A fundamental point is the evaluation of the status of the Digital Advertising campaigns carried out up to that moment, going to capture in detail the weaknesses and shortcomings, trying to understand how to act in view of optimisation to maximise profits. Other possible advertising channels not used by your brand will also be evaluated.

If you have never run a campaign before, we will create a launch strategy to make the most of the available media budget.

As a Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner we can take advantage of the strategic support of the two main online communication channels.

Content Marketing.

We will assess various aspects related to content, how it narrates your brand and your products within it, both on the website and on Social Networks.

In this area we will focus particularly on the content of the editorial plan, highlighting any inconsistencies and strengths.

Content can also be generated outside the website, using external platforms or through Influencer Marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation.

There is no successful e-commerce without a Marketing Automation strategy. Email is still the medium that converts the most, so it is unthinkable to create a successful strategy without the email channel.

We will support you in choosing the most suitable platform and developing a strategy. If you do not have internal resources, we will also help you with the operational implementation of your strategy.

So, shall we start?

Contact us for more information and to start the conversation, we will put our E-commerce department at your disposal.

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