Case Study

The client

Viking Office Depot has decided to rely on RichClicks to increase the sales of its E-Commerce channel in Italy and to make substantial a circular strategy on Paid campaigns and Brand Awareness.

The challenge

In addition to targeting the usual B2B audience, the challenge was to also intercept B2C customers, through both Branding and Product campaigns, on Google Ads and Bing. The challenge was to exceed the revenue generated in 2019 and achieve a minimum target of a 4% increase, starting from an initial setup of an average budget of 2% less than in 2019.

Our approach

Several campaigns were implemented to sell products for which Viking offered a wide choice, as well as specific Brand Awareness campaigns. A further challenge arose during the March-May period when, due to the lockdown, many offices had to close. It was therefore decided to focus more on B2C by promoting products for which there was a growing demand and need: smart working accessories and furniture, stationery and hygiene products. The strategy proved to be effective, achieving the turnover target during the lockdown period without any substantial drop in sales.


- 20%

Target Budget Spent

Paid Strategy

Branding and product campaigns Google and Bing Ads

Brand Awareness

Strategy optimisation with detailed advice


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