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How do you create a successful digital future?

In a web that is constantly evolving, it is essential for companies to reinvent their limits. For whom is dealing with the strategic part of their digital business, instead, the goal is to overcome them. You will find dozens of gurus online who are ready to advise on which is the best strategy for your project. Sounds like an easy job, right?

And yet, in the end, there is always something wrong, which blocks all your ambitions and sends the work upstream. It seems so simple, yet those magical digital strategies do not bear any fruit. And what’s worse, they do not stimulate any improvement. You have to start over, once again, trying your luck.

Why does this happen? Because any digital project needs a human and personal strategic guide, able to identify the potential and even ask real questions, which perhaps at the moment you have not yet done to yourself.

It won't happen this time. Not with us: we’ve created a digital disruption.


Let's see what is the approach to the strategy we want to propose and why we believe it is able to overcome such barriers.

Before the Strategy: Your Objectives.

Before throwing yourself headlong into a strategy, maybe searching for smart insights like "the best 7 strategies to succeed" of the web wizard of the moment, stop for a moment. Breathe, get up and stretch your legs. Then think about the crucial question from which you have to start: what are the goals I want to achieve?

It may seem trivial, but for many, it is not something so obvious to remember.

If you want to have a long-term vision without risking getting lost in the jungle of daily activities, start from a distant point. Then identify your vision. Then go into every detail, focus on your ambitions, build the foundation of your idea.


Now it’s the right time to have a chat with a professional consultant.

KPI Setting.

Once defined and shared clear and defined strategic objectives, the next step is to give us a common reference, a common goal, within which to measure the success of the strategy to be implemented.

The setting of clear KPIs is also the core of the strategic choices we recommend to follow: if the KPI is to generate 10 leads a day, the strategic channels we will suggest for any marketing activities are completely different from those for which the goal is to aim to have 100.

The KPIs that we help you take as a reference will obviously have to follow a SMART methodology. 

In summary, to be: 

  1. Specifics
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Realistic
  5. Defined over a period of time

Research, Best Practice Study and Brainstorming

Once defined objectives and having them quantified through KPI, it’s our turn. We will focus on case studies analysis and pointing at the better path to follow, trying to hit with the tailor-made practice for your digital project.

We now have a clear picture of the approach phase, so we move on to brainstorming, from which come out ideas and innovations to be included in a strategic document to propose to you.

Finally, ideas are rationalized, becoming the operational plan. Because an effective strategy becomes special only with a synthesis of programming up to the ideas proposed.

Strategy Presentation

The presentation of a strategy is as crucial as the strategy itself. We believe it’s essential that a strategic document is understandable and easily shared within the company.

Our documents, among other things, will always include:

Long Term Strategy

Together with us you plan the strategy that will be implemented over two years and beyond, keeping the goal constantly under control. And you will always stay in touch with us throughout the whole process.

Strategy Declination in Short Term Tactics

Prioritization and definition of the work to be addressed during the first quarter: our team immediately puts into practice what was agreed with the customer, following the established route together during the organization and setup phase.

Measurement of Results, Adaptation and Enhancement

We believe in the importance of a strategy that combines circular analysis and optimization. Each element is designed to effectively spread the main message of the client's project, under a magnifying glass everyday.

So why us?

For the Approach
Your assigned consultant will analyze your market and your competitors before starting to work on the strategy. The strategy will include SMART objectives, a budget forecast, a continuously updated action plan list with the requirements for the landing page, Ads and all the required media to reach your target audience.

Because We Design Communication as a Key
Communication is crucial here at RichClicks. You’ll receive weekly and monthly reports and we will discuss new strategies and changes in order to reach your objectives.

We have Google Certified Consultants
Our consultants are professionals certified in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising and Google Analytics. With a unique understanding of the digital technologies landscape, we focus on performance-based commercial models and strategies. We work for the future, attending digital initiatives that can help our clients grow and our agency to do so at the same time.

Why do we think to be innovative?
Because our team is formed by only skilled Digital Marketing Consultants. We don’t have middlemen and your project is assigned to the most suitable consultant, from the beginning to the end! That’s not the only reason. We also have our own technology, which is one of the most advanced in this industry. We’re here to help you achieve what really matters: growing audiences, customer engagement and generating profitable demand.

Our Best Case Study? The Journey Until Here.

For three years in a row, RichClicks has been the digital agency chosen to participate in the Google Premier Partner Awards. We are the first Google agency in Italy and one of the top 100 agencies in the entire EMEA Market.

Our team has achieved exceptional results thanks to a constant digital strategy aimed at progression and a commitment to projects that point to evolution: values, officially recognized by Google, which define us as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world.

Together with 8 other agencies around Europe, we founded DALL International, an alliance created to share values, knowledge and side projects on the markets that each member represents. In addition to providing involvement and new inspirations, the alliance is a unique opportunity to embrace digital evolution from different points of view towards the future.

In the winter of 2019, we brought our enthusiasm to Biassa E-commerce Immersion, a prestigious series of events organized throughout Europe that aims to bring together important players in the world of e-commerce and digital marketing. Our keynote was the occasion, once again,  to create a precious frame in which to share our ideas and style of work, to network and to keep ourselves updated on the latest trends in the European digital landscape. 

In Spring, the same year, we are invited to participate at Google Marketing Live. Which is the most important digital-related event of the year at the Big G house in San Francisco, California. Being able to attend an event of this magnitude is another milestone: a stage that brings together important marketers from all over the world and that stimulates sharing, resources and insights into the future and expansion of this sector. From products or services to innovative marketing campaign methods to web design and more: we can experience innovation at its very core.

We’re not just digital transformation addicted, online marketing connoisseurs or social media marketing refiners. More than anything, we're a group of people with a passion to share the success with those who made that success possible.

Yet, the next, important opportunity has yet to come. Meet the human side of digital!

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