Case Study

The client

Baracuta is a British brand known for creating the famous Harrington jacket, also known as the "G9." Founded in 1937 in Manchester by brothers John and Isaac Miller, the company has distinguished itself by producing stylish and functional outerwear. The Harrington jacket, originally designed in 1937 for golfers, quickly gained popularity in the United States due to its use by celebrities such as Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen.

Over the years, Baracuta has continued to innovate in the apparel industry, introducing new synthetic fabrics and collaborating with prominent figures such as Arnold Palmer. In 2012, the brand was acquired by WP Lavori In Corso, further solidifying its position in the premium apparel market.

The Challenge

For Black Friday, Baracuta adopted an innovative strategy focused onearly access, aiming to maximize sales by engaging both existing customers and potential new buyers. The campaign used a synergistic mix of Google Ads, Meta and Klaviyo to create a significant impact on sales.

A key step in preparing for Black Friday was the change from the Omnisend marketing automation system to to Klaviyo. This transition, led by the combined team of Richclickls and Baracuta, was aimed at setting up marketing automation in time to take full advantage of Klaviyo's potential during the Black Friday sales peak.

Our approach

The engagement strategy designed by Baracuta was divided into several phases:

  • Collection of New Leads: An initial phase dedicated to acquiring new interested contacts that lasted the two weeks prior to Black Friday week.
  • Early Access: An exclusive phase in which discounted offers were reserved for newsletter subscribers and those who registered during that period, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency.
  • Black Friday Open to All: The culmination of the campaign saw deals available to the entire public, with the intent of maximizing reach and sales.

To increase urgency, Baracuta implemented countdown timers in Klaviyo popups and sent emails, incentivizing quick purchases.

The strategy focused on accurately segmenting users and using popups tailored to the visitor's browsing stage and campaign phase. This allowed traffic to be effectively directed to the site through targeted campaigns on Google Ads, Meta and through email marketing.

In the platforms, traffic was targeted through different ads based on the time of the week to channel specific messages. In the days leading up to Black Friday, they intrigued users by inviting them to leave their contact information, while during the weekend they communicated the discount by showing products through carousel ads and the like.

The results‍

Baracuta 's Black Friday strategy produced outstanding results:

  • Acquisition of more than 1,000 contacts in one week.
  • Open rate and click rate of emails and streams at 34% and 78.75% respectively.
  • Increased total store sales by 159%, with a 44% improvement inOnline Store Conversion Rate and a 121% increase in Returning Customer Rate during Black Friday.

On early access days, there was a 148% increase in total sales and an astonishing 1185% in Returning Customer Rate, compared to the same period in 2022.

The strategy also showed exceptional ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) during Black Friday week, with a 305% increase on Google Ads and 197% increase on Meta compared to 2022, marking an unprecedented success for Baracuta in terms of customer engagement, conversion, and retention.


Contact Acquisition.

Over 1,000 in the week before Black Friday

Open Rate and Click Rate

Of emails and streams improved to 34% and 78.75%, respectively

Store Sales Increase

By 159%, with 44% improvement in Online Store Conversion Rate and 121% improvement in Returning Customer Rate during Black Friday


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