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RichClicks is the agency to guarantee the success of your business with the perfect Dynamic Remarketing on Criteo

Criteo is one of the most relevant dynamic retargeting platforms that it’s not only highly efficient to support your retargeting ads but also works closely with internet service providers to create personalised ads for consumers. 

RichClicks is a Criteo partner agency that will help your brand to create a dynamic remarketing strategy based on your target persona’s internet history and analyse the website and products related to your brand that they have shown interest in. 

Our specialists will help your business re-engage with your targeted audience by creating the best retargeting ads through which your brand will reach the right consumers at the right time. Moreover, we will boost the efficiency and success of your campaigns by displaying personalised ads.

Dynamic Remarketing in partnership with Criteo.

What RichClicks will do for your brand:

  • Personalised ads. Reach your customer’s heart. 
  • Retargeting ads and Prediction algorithms. Enjoy the access to Criteo’s prediction algorithm and make sure that your brand is ahead of the game.
  • Real-time campaign performance tracking. Make sure that the data about your campaigns is fully updated and accurate. 
  • CPC pricing. Keep your cost-per-click on point thanks to Criteo’s intuitive pricing feature that will allow your business to efficiently optimise the budget.
  • Ads across mobile, desktop,, and social. Criteo is the perfect partner for our team to create dynamic remarketing across all channels and social media platforms. 

Don’t wait any longer and start to take the advantages of a tool that helps you reach your targeted audience in a more efficient and direct way.

How are best retargeting ads done?

Achieve a perfect match between your brand and its Personas. Many businesses think that conversion is all about making sure that a large audience gets to see their ads, however, the secret to success goes beyond just impressions and visualisation. However,  since you’re paying for your ads depending on the audience you’re trying to reach, it’s not the most cost-effective mindset to think this way. 

Instead, dynamic retargeting will take your business on the right track thanks to tailored ads ready to efficiently reach an audience that has previously shown real interest in your product. For this reason, Criteo Audience Match is amazing support for you to find the right people for conversion. 

Personalised ads to build strong links between your brand and customers. 

Personalised ads are crucial if you want to create a strong relationship between consumers and your products. Make sure that they feel as special as they are for your business and become the first choice that comes to their mind through personalised ads campaigns. 

“Converting” a new customer doesn’t mean that your brand is succeeding, you also need to fight for all those new customers to return for further purchases and be loyal to your brand. Personalised ads are great allies for real success to occur. 

Criteo for taking your  Facebook retargeting ads to the next level.

Empower your Facebook retargeting ads and get the granular understanding of the complete and purchase intent in real-time and from every single targeted personas. 

Our team will help you deliver a relevant and perfectly personalised across all Meta channels, not only Facebook but also Instagram. 

Criteo offers to your brand the most effective custom solution for Facebook Dynamic ads. Its programmatic intelligence will cover all your needs to ensure stunning text and the creative elements that represent your brand’s essence.  

Criteo Dynamic remarketing ads on Facebook and Instagram is bringing an average of 12% sales uplift across all their retargeting ads. 

Criteo Dynamic remarketing delivers the most relevant and personalised ads in real time to take your ad campaigns to the next level through all the Meta platforms. 

Your business now has the opportunity to accurately offer the most appealing offers within your catalogue to maximise shopper’s engagement and dynamically deliver personalised recommendations on Facebook and Instagram.

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