How can you use Facebook to promote your business?

Every time we start working on Facebook Business for our clients, we get tons of questions on its real functionality: how does it work – what’s exactly for – how do you manage it. And the list goes on.

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows you to manage your Facebook pages and ad accounts. By using Facebook Business, you own (and manage access to) everything that your Facebook pages and Ad accounts will publish. This include give/remove role and permissions, add partners and additional administrators and so on.

Working alongside agencies means, of course, you’re likely to share your Business Manager account with them, in order to get help managing every aspect of the advertising process for your campaigns and your business. Looks simple but still, there’s a lot more to know, as it’s a tool with unlimited possibilities as well as several responsibilities.

Well’ get through that, trying to answer the most common question: how do you set up Facebook for Business in the perfect way?

Here’s our complete guideline.


First of all, you have to be very familiar with the policies:


Restricted content as alcohol, online dating, pharmacies, lotteries and gambling, for example, must be carefully reviewed, as they are only allowed with a written permission or prior application process. Also, some products are strictly prohibited in certain regions and countries or authorised to target people over the age of 18. Promoting subscription services must include the appropriate “subscription required” text.

Prohibited content as tobacco, drugs and drug-related or any sort of illegal products will violate Facebook’s Community Standards. Any unauthorised or prohibited type of advertising will therefore result unsuccessful.

As stated in the advert review process, Facebook Business will accurately inspect your advert, which «may not be approved if the landing page content isn’t fully functional, doesn’t match the product/service promoted in your advert or doesn’t fully comply with our Advertising Policies».

Take your time to configure your page and its ads in the best – and correct – way possible, without risking to compromise your work. If anything wrong occurs, be persistent in finding a solution to be back up and running as quickly as possible: by following the standards guideline, you will be sure to be on the right truck. In case your advert has been disapproved, you’ll receive an email with details that explain why. Using the information in your disapproval email, you can edit your advert and create a compliant one. You can also appeal the decision, whether you can’t edit the advert or you believe it has been blocked by mistake, using Facebook's dedicated form.

Best Practice

Setting up a Facebook Business Manager account means you can have multiple administrators. And, indeed, in order to have a backup version on each account just in case of unexpected circumstances. You can create up to 5 Ad Manager Accounts, each with different payment setups.


Even in the case one Ad account get suspended or disabled, other campaigns’ set up in a different Ad account will be safe. But before anything occurs, try to set everything the easiest way to keep a backup solution. Payment informations for every account, for example, must be setup only when you’re ready to use them and only if you’re actively using the account you are managing.

In terms of content, your agency will probably try different tactics to grab your audience’s attention and drive them to take actions that you care about. Blog articles or useful content from your website provide extra links to your brand, as well as newsletter sign-up form or special polls about your products. Even if not every post you create needs to drive action, actionable posts may help you increase engagement and provide real business value when the action you ask people to take is directly related to your business goals.

We strongly recommend to give agencies a Partner access to your Business page. If you’re paying an agency to work on your campaigns for Facebook, they should be covered in case anything wrong occurs to your account that is out of their control. You can get your account disabled – and the one of everyone who’s managing the page – if your ad is not following the policies for some reason.

Manage and Optimise

Now, trying to understand the efforts of your Facebook Business is crucial.

  • Edit or Delete ‘Not Approved’ ADs

Whenever your ad is not approved, try and edit it first. Always look at the smart solution. Keep only successfully approved ad to keep your campaigns and your account clean, so if it’s the case delete something that keeps bringing errors to your setup.

  • Review and test

Test a draft of the copy, the creative asset and the landing page your ad goes to. You got to be sure, before you try to get it approved, you have always a second solution. Test ads before making hundreds of them. Set one up and see what’s the platform response before you duplicate the sets to run multiple ads at once.

  • Track the feedback

Negative feedback can be a part of the campaign process. Keep an eye on the comments and carefully review everything. Whenever you see a negative feedback, address it instantly. Any negative action on your page could come from lacked or disruptive content in your ads, from disturbing/offensive or messages, non-matching or misleading characteristics of the advert you have set. You can monitor those feedbacks on your Facebook ads by previewing them within your Ad Manager. Again, checking your ads and ensure you are not violating any of Facebook’s policies will be part of the work if you want to stay safe and use reliable content to your campaigns.


Review the whole process through our step by step Rich Guideline, below.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


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