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Why does a marketing strategy always start with the Buyer Persona?

The main characteristics that distinguish a good relationship with our best customer are those that we also find in the most solid and stable friendships: such as trust, passion, dedication, even intuition. Everything needed to maintain a relationship that really matters, even over time.

And in order to get in touch with a customer's decision-making process, it is therefore important to follow its steps step by step and to fully understand what moves it. Knowing your best customers well will allow you to create a model of your typical customer.

This in-depth analysis is exactly what is needed to create a strategy that will lead us to sell a product or service to your typical customer: identifying them will allow you to attract others with similar characteristics.

How do you define your Buyer Personas?

We don't just monitor visits and activity on your website, where yes, you will be able to find out important socio-demographic information, page views and products bought, but it takes more than that to connect with potential customers. It takes more than that to connect with potential customers. You need to cross-reference empirical data with character data, and only then will you have a clear profile of who you're talking to, how you should talk to them, and pass this information on to your team.

Do you want to know the most effective and visionary method to know your customers' interests, understand their frustrations, learn their habits?

Ask them! :)

Ours is a methodology based, like our agency, on the human relationship, and has three main stages:

We prepare a questionnaire for your customers.

It is important to select only real customers: they are the ones we need to know best. The questions must be well calibrated in order to obtain assessable answers. To engage users in this process, we can reward them with a promotion or a gift, as this will help us achieve our objective, to get to know them better. You will be amazed at the results you can get from an online survey.

Do you really know your potential customers?

We analyse the answers.

The questionnaires must then be evaluated and clustered to reveal patterns and trends in response. We always cross-reference and superimpose the responses obtained with the numerical data we can obtain from the various platforms, which guarantees that we create profiles that are as close as possible to the real ones and that we can also create a valid storytelling. Yes, storytelling is also important, putting together some data and some numbers doesn't tell us much, whereas a story tells more than anything else and stimulates our thinking.

Creation of Buyer Persona profiles.

The Buyer Persona identikit is essentially a tool for all communication activities, a fundamental ally for digital marketing consultants who want to produce strategies that are actually close to users. Even next to catch the perfect users.

Moreover, we mustn’t follow socio-demographic surveys to get there. The mentality, the uniqueness, the personality of those next to choose your product must be the very first step.

The story can be an effective tool for business strategies, where the hero, therefore the client – personified by the Personas–, has a goal to reach and a conflict to solve. A metaphor for an obstacle that can be time, money or more.

To help the hero solve his problem, the mentor who will obviously be your business comes to the rescue.

Buyer Persona

Marketing Persona vs Proto Persona.

In the process of creating Marketing Personas we distinguish between two major groups. Our consultancy-guide will take you by the hand in selecting the best way forward, following a thorough study of user behaviour and a comprehensive analysis of recurring approaches on the web.

What is a Marketing Persona?

It is the identikit of your typical customer (or customers). A company can have several profiles of this type of Persona, one for the various services or products it offers for example.

What is a Proto Persona?

If you don't have any customers yet because you are working on a project from scratch, don't worry, in that case you will be creating profiles based on research data, making hires and why not, using intuition and experience. This is called Proto Persona: who can be your best customer?

Now that we have a smattering of our typical customers, let's find out how we can be present at all stages of the process in which they are making their choices.

Let's start the journey together with your potential customer, right from when they are not yet aware that through your product, service or offer they will be able to solve a problem or find what they are looking for.

The Buyer’s Journey

The journey that a user takes to become aware of a need, which is very often latent in the beginning, consists of several stages. Being present at every stage of the Buyer's Journey, often referred to as the Purchase Funnel, is very important, because it provides access to a critical evaluation of all the stages leading to the choice of a given service. 


It is through the initial phase, Awareness, the moment when the Buyer Persona is being formed, that the user comes into contact with your message, this is the first touch point. This is where the relationship between user and brand begins, but it is not yet clear how she will act and make her choice. It is a cognitive phase, in which your customer only knows the symptoms of problems, but has not yet identified a solution. Usually a medical example could be: at this stage the user is thinking "I have a sore throat, it must be the cold from yesterday".


At this stage the person has realised that his or her symptom is the manifestation of a need, has identified it and is getting information. If he/she has defined the type of need in a concrete way, he/she can now dedicate him/herself to finding the best solution. To continue the example from before, our person is now looking for the various solutions to the cold, the Consideration phase.


The users themselves now have to actually make a choice, take a decision. The final stage is the Decision stage. In this stage they compare and sift through a shortlist of competitors that they have identified as solutions to their problem. The moment is the decisive one to bring it to your side with the right method, which remains intact afterwards. The person, to conclude the example of the two previous statuses, is now looking for "Pharmacies on duty near me". Here: your goal is to ensure that, during each of these three stages, the potential customer comes naturally to your products.


There is one more, very important phase that starts the round again and feeds the purchase funnel: the delight phase. We always include this phase in the Buyer's Journey because it is the phase that makes the purchasing process cyclical. Delighting the user means pampering and taking care of him or her in the true sense of the term with exclusive offers, gifts, surprises, but not only that, also simply guiding him to use the product/service purchased. This phase transforms a customer into a brand evangelist who could potentially create content for free and raise awareness of the brand.

Obviously, the choice of the right channels is also crucial, as you may have guessed, we use different tools at different stages. All Digital ADV tools are carefully selected and distributed according to the various stages to create a Full-Funnel strategy.

Your ideal customer is already out there, you just need to know how to intercept them in an appropriate and natural way. 

Are you ready to begin the journey from your Buyer Persona?

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