Our strategy to drive NHS London's flu vaccine boost

In these challenging times, our agency has had the honour of being chosen to be part of the allies of the NHS, the UK public health system and promote a healthier and more protected society.

Our team was in charge to create and trigger an awareness multi-channel campaign about the flu vaccine focusing on the Greater London area and, considering specific Personas and segments of the population with high vulnerability, which is significantly strengthened in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the similarity of symptoms that flu and COVID-19 present, this flu season campaign is more important than ever to achieve high effectiveness and success. Throughout the vaccination campaign, we aim to ensure an active response by the population, which will translate into not only more protected society but also in hospital pressure relief.

The Strategy.

The purpose was to achieve maximum visibility in the population segments most vulnerable to contracting the flu during this seasonal period and develop more severe symptoms of said disease.

Among the high-risk population are young children, people with chronic diseases and pregnant women. For this reason, we divided the campaigns into three main person groups, among which we included the parents of toddler kids, long term health conditions people under the age of 65, and pregnant women.

In this way, we would achieve a great awareness within the groups of citizens who most need the flu vaccination service and achieve the objectives desired by the NHS.

To reach our Personas, we implemented a multi-channel spreading campaign strategy and thus guaranteed the maximisation of results.

The Channels.

  • Social Media.

On the one hand, as the primary channel group, our team displayed personalised Ads on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. The ad set constituted the showing of 3 groups of ads, each one directed to each previously defined audience profile.

  • Google Ads.

On the other hand, as a secondary focus, we used Google Ads to trigger one campaign per previously defined audience. We implemented No brand keywords such as “flu vaccine” or “flu jab”, as well as brand keywords like “NHS flu vaccine”, “NHS free flu jab”.


We successfully reached the most vulnerable citizens and warrantee the maximum level of awareness about the flu vaccination NHS service in the greater London area.

The awareness of the NHS free flu vaccination campaign reached the population segments that need it most in a swift, personalised and effective way. When it comes to health, both a rapid spread of information and personalisation are crucial to clearly inform the audience and protect the population as much as it is required especially in these times.

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