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To understand the importance of a Digital PR strategy and delve into a more creative side of SEO, we need to start at the beginning, delving into why two core activities of this subject are carried out: outreach and link building.

A great macro-activity that is in its own way less analytical and more connected to human relationships, but which needs an organised and well-defined strategy by specialists to come to fruition.

How do we convey outreach to foster SEO and brand authority to our clients? What exactly creates your brand's web reputation? When is it built well? And finally, what kind of Digital PR activities do we carry out?

Let's take it in order, discovering the benefits case by case.

Digital PR, building online relationships.

The aim of these two vertical strategies is to focus on a more human philosophy of SEO, which is not strictly limited to positioning but is nevertheless strongly connected to it, in order to be successful. Although there are activities in this niche that bear a clear resemblance to 'old fashioned' advertising - such as editorial placements and the more popular branded content - there are theoretically infinite ways to attract potential customers with quality content.

Outreach marketing is about increasing the impact of SEO activities and sometimes diversifying the purposes, to help you tell the brand story and gain online reputation, with mainly editorial outlets. It is a specialisation that borrows the methodology of public relations, bypassing the more 'analytical' core activities of search engine optimisation and practising real virtual showcases to showcase what the brand can offer.

All this is done on channels external to the site, by means of editorial, content or storytelling created ad hoc.

This activity includes approaching and partnering with newspapers, magazines, specialised and sector blogs with which to work on a strategy to sponsor your product and drive traffic to your website, social networks or platforms linked to your brand. These are activities that establish a synergy with publishers in a niche of interest, close to your brand sector, and which therefore pivot on the potential catchment area, out there, to which your campaign or your site can be directed.

Outreach, the new link building, less technical and more human.

Outreach, like Digital PR - with which it most often goes hand in hand - is, in essence, the search for a strategic online partner, to exploit the synergy provided by its audience and give your SEO traffic engine revs.

It is therefore a strategic activity aimed at increasing the number of incoming links to a website, which in this way gains greater authority in the eyes of the search engine. In addition to quantity, Google is able to assess the quality, nature, relevance and various other signals relating to the link and the site sending it. All this is used to determine the ranking weight in the SERP jungle.

For this reason, as we have said, maintaining a precise link building strategy over time is useful and advantageous in order to always be able to count on a boost of your keywords in the SERPs. The more you intensify and diversify, the more your SEO will benefit.

Fundamentals of a good strategy to boost web reputation.

A successful outreach strategy depends on the solidity with which you are able to build relationships: first with external partners on the network and then with user research over time. And it passes, inevitably, through link building, i.e. by means - in the most SEO-oriented cases - of links to your site, from sites strategically related to your audience.

This is a kind of reference from one website to another, to help its ranking in search engines, which is very important over time.

Let's look at two fundamental concepts.

Link Popularity.

Link popularity measures the quantity of sites linking to a certain domain and also their quality. It takes into account many parameters, but mainly the number of incoming links that use those specific keywords as anchor text, the quality and consistency of the anchor text with the linked content and the quality of the linked sites.

Domain Authority.

This is a metric, created by MOZ, to understand the reliability of the content of a domain. It is expressed with a range from 0 (a bad site) to 100 ( The more authoritative the site is, the more value it will convey by granting its outbound links to other sites. Obviously it will be difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to obtain links from sites with very high Domain Authority, so advice on link building will help you find the right compromise.

Why do outreach marketing and digital PR.

The foundation of a successful digital PR activity for SEO is the connection and the ability to structure real window campaigns outside your website.

Outreach, at the same time, helps you to ensure that the right search is always associated with your brand: it is an extremely fruitful activity for SEO because, moreover, it has a very long-lasting impact, which can be analysed periodically to exploit new potential.

Whether you want to drive new users to your brand or you have lost quality SEO traffic, the right boost to your web reputation inevitably comes from good inbound link building and the creative possibilities of digital PR.

Our experience includes strategic activities and partnerships with publishers such as Repubblica, DeAgostini, Il Sole 24 ORE, Gruppo Editoriale Citynews, Engage, Il Giornale, and many, many other publishers.

Discover the best way to build your Digital PR, Link Building and Outreach Marketing strategy, contact us now!

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