Case Study

The client

Montefarmaco OTC is an Italian pharmaceutical company founded in 1945 in Milan. The company, over the years, has become a leading brand in the market with a strong international presence. Our team has been helping the brand since June 2018 to enhance online product communication and improve the quality of brand awareness by reaching new audiences.

The challenge

For this client, the main challenge was to boost different products in different categories, getting the right engagement and securing a placement for the brand's digital magazine, which we had launched shortly before. Also, reaching users interested in the products and producing engagement on each product's branded landing page.

Our approach

The targets were refreshing dedicating campaigns and allocating the budget and then assessing the seasonality of the product, together with the production of banner ads in appropriate sizes for each device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile), and the creation of an in-market audience, an audience with customised intent and a remarketing audience. We then launched an innovative campaign based on weather, set up with a positive/negative bid adjustment by communicating through data retrieved from a weather forecasting site (OpenWeatherMap): Google Ads showed a specific product when it was raining, a completely different one if it was too hot, and so on.

We also created from scratch an editorial brand, Mbenessere, with the aim of speaking to Montefarmaco's target audience. Today, Mbenessere is one of the leading digital magazines in Italy in health and wellness sector.


+ 72%

Brand-related searches

Over 1M users

On Mbenessere magazine

+ 250%

CRM subscribers


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