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To be better positioned among the results on search engines (and keep your spot there!) and to increase your conversions from organic traffic, it is important to follow the best actions for SEO. But the road, as we know, is not as simple as it is often described to you: there is a job behind which must be constant.

Working on Search Engine Optimisation everyday is becoming a complex and much competitive challenge, where everyone pushes themselves to gradually get another slice of a delicious cake. The continuous evolution of the search engine algorithm, the increase in the influence of social, personalized and local SEO search are all factors that have influenced – and continue to – our agency's approach to SEO a lot.

There are several reasons why our consultants are qualified, Google certified professionals, constantly trained to keep up with the news and innovate their consultancy services. Otherwise we wouldn't be considered one of the best SEO agencies around, right

Essentially, day after day we dedicate ourselves to the search for new and better innovative practices for our customers, while trying to always respect the guidelines dictated by Google, which helps us and guides us in the optimization process as Premier Partner.

RichClicks consultants are SEO experts constantly updated to keep up with the times and foresee possible changes in the future, in an ever-changing digital landscape that must be faced with eyes wide open.

Our consultants offer SEO services that drives traffic. They’re here to ensure that your business is always one step ahead. And they do it for real.

Shall we start?

SEO strategy: our approach

If you go ahead and choose us to build your project, you will enjoy the dedicated assistance of one of our expert SEO consultants, who will implement all the best practices for the organic positioning of your website, also thanks to the experience shared with other qualified professionals?

As a start, once the relationship between us begins, your dedicated consultant will analyze the SEO data that highlights all the problems that reduce visibility to your digital channels: Website, Videos, Images and Social Media Presence.

The initial analysis also includes a study on competitors and an authority report. Your consultant will carry out a detailed search using Google and third-party tools, which will help the consultant to get a complete overview of the situation.

The strategy will have SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Temporally defined. In addition, of course, a constantly updated action plan and a detailed map of the keywords.

How we make SEO work

Our working method consists of different SEO positioning practices that are carried out in various areas of Digital Marketing, that ensure the action plan undertaken is 360 degrees working and touches all of the critical points crucial for the success of the strategy.

SEO Audit

Everything starts with a thorough analysis phase involving dozens of points. The result is a document with problems, explanations and solutions to all the technical problems that do not allow your site to express its full potential.

Keyword research and analysis

While the technical issues are being sorted out, our SEO Agency will dedicate itself to keyword research and analysis, selecting the most strategic ones. In this phase, when possible, it is good practice to also have Google Ads data available to study the most profitable keywords in terms of sales or leads generated. We then break down the keywords into the various stages of user research according to an Inbound Marketing methodology to be ready to make strategic choices.

SEO Strategy

Based on the keywords, their competition, the purchase phase the user is in, and the goals we want to achieve, the consultant will draw up an SEO strategy.

Technical SEO

Your dedicated consultant will work directly on the website delivering a full SEO Audit, supported by our SEO executives, making it as optimized as possible according to the latest practices and guidelines for search engine optimization.If necessary it will work side by side with your web agency or the programmer inside your team, in order to solve any possible user experience issue. At the end of the process, he will take care of delivering all the technical documents related to you in every detail, and will offer constant technical support for any questions you want to discuss with us, from the simplest to the most technical.

Content Marketing

The consultant will guide your Copywriter in the design of a strategic editorial plan optimized with SEO techniques, from a content perspective. But hey, we also have our own internal English, Italian and French Copywriters if necessary! The plan in question will be continuously optimized and renewed, depending on the strategy decided as we go forward.

Authority Building

Your consultant will work monthly on strengthening the identity of your brand on the Internet, through the use of different practices dedicated to improving search engine positioning. These digital pr activities refer to the practice of Link Building (consisting in increasing the ranking and trust of a site thanks to links coming from authoritative external sources), which goes hand in hand with the Content Marketing strategy. In this case social networks, blogs, online magazines and specialized sites will be targeted.

Inbound Marketing

Any online marketing plan, from small business to big companies, needs to push

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