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While we are writing this, Mobile has already established itself as a game-changer in the advertising world. 

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t own a smartphone (if not multiple ones) these days? Mobile users have increased dramatically over the past decade worldwide, and in the meanwhile, it is telling us clearly that advertising will depend on its evolution for a very long time.

It would be silly of us not to get on board this train for the future. Don’t get us wrong, there is still a lot to discover in this field, and that is exactly why we want to assist its growth and find out how we can exploit it and give our contribution.

While we are at it, why not share what we learn with our clients? From this thought, we came up with the idea of providing Mobile Advertising services to our current and future clients.

Mobile devices are everywhere. As we speak, more and more businesses are considering the shift to mobile in terms of their digital advertising efforts.

The reason for all this is easy to imagine: mobile technologies are able to interpret the users’ needs everywhere and in real-time, engaging millions of people through devices such as smartphones and tablets, but not only.

There are so many opportunities and a lot of ground to cover in this field, and if Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising are done correctly, even your business will take advantage of it and thrive, rather than adapt.

How do you create a winning Mobile Marketing strategy?

From London to a wider European agency structure, throughout the years RichClicks has helped many businesses taking advantage of the opportunities given by Mobile Marketing, gaining a lot of experience in this field! 

Do you have an app or mobile game you would like to promote to potential users?

Our consultants can help master your app through innovative ad campaign strategies. RichClicks can reach your target audience exploiting the extensive and insightful data on millions of app users, using different marketing tools and relying on experience gathered over the years.

The Mobile Advertising Media Mix

Managing different campaigns allowed us to find the perfect media mix according to the type of App to promote. We continuously test new platforms and always base our marketing efforts on cost per downloads, not cost per click.

How can you use a Mobile Marketing Media Mix?

  • Market research (including competitor research) and Buyer Persona creation;
  • Usability testing in the lab with real users matching the User Persona guide;
  • Full consultancy on ways to promote the app for free;
  • App Advertising Strategy with the media plan, full campaign management and testing;
  • App Store Optimisation (ASO) and SEO on App’s Landing page or website;
  • App Store submission (not limited to Google Play Store and Apple Store);
  • Outreaching through Influencers, App review websites and blogs;
  • Social Media Strategy;
  • Full advanced reporting, including App store ranking, keyword ranking, campaign performance, KPI’s, link analysis.

RichClicks can help you promote your mobile app in any country of the world, thanks to the experience of our specialised consultants. 

Another secret behind in-app ads is geo-targeting which predetermines the core audience reach. Data access and its applicability across the ecosystem is another key to in-app ads productivity besides enhanced location insights.

Why is a Mobile Marketing Strategy important?

If Mobile Marketing is approached correctly, your business will thrive, rather than adapt to this shift in user habits.

Mobile (and mobile app) marketing is part of a very particular segment of digital marketing, with its own rules and logic to interpret that shift from push to pull, like in no other channel. To define the motto «mobile-first» as a compass of our time is not only a reminder but the way forward at this time, with no additional space for turns of words: while you read this, 74% of users make an online search from mobile before concluding a purchase. Today that mobile has become our social status, delaying the steps to discover all its secrets means committing a serious error of assessment for any business.

From the UX optimisation in a mobile perspective – and not just desktop–, the responsive design and integration of mobile strategies for e-commerce, the immersion in the new mobile app marketing environment and monitoring tools to analyse in-depth all the new frontiers. There really is a lot to do.

Mobile marketing is proving, in short, a world that is not standing still and that needs to be discovered more and more closely.

Mobile Marketing Strategy: Why should you trust us?

Mobile technologies can interpret the needs of users anywhere, anytime, engaging audiences made up of millions of people through mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

We are officially certified as a Google Premier Partner Agency and all our projects are managed with in-house and direct Google representatives who help us with data, trends, market research and much more.

From London to Europe and abroad, our clients enjoy all the benefits that come with a valuable partnership like this.

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