Mobile Marketing: Where Are We Now?

It’s time for communication and analysis, this time also outside our offices. Before flying to San Francisco to participate at the amazing Google Marketing Live, in fact, we granted ourselves an equally important stop in Italy. Direction, Emilia-Romagna!

Our CEO Simone Luciani was in fact an exceptional speaker at the 16th edition of the Master in Marketing and Business Communication in Bologna offered by Professional Datagest, where he gave a special lecture on mobile marketing and on the innovations, in this particular strategic field, on which our team of RichClickers are working.

In addition to engaging in a stimulating exchange with students on the state of digital, new professions and new uses of technology, the opportunity was to communicate the method of our agency in mobile strategies.

What’s Mobile Marketing role today?

Mobile marketing is now a whole world of its own, in which the technological infrastructure is growing and changing at an impressive speed: there is still much to develop and test, a lot to discover.

The goal of companies in terms of competitiveness consists in understanding what all the others are doing today, then know in depth the technologies available and become deep connoisseurs. Not just to integrate them, but to overcome them. The challenge of an industry that breaks the predictable and puts companies in front of the only useful option – the one to anticipate innovation and its choices – in short, is what is dragging the sector towards a work of analysis and strategy very attentive to tomorrow.

In the contemporary digital environment, mobile has a definitive game-changer role: it has taken on a multi-channel and multi-device dimension, it has established that advertising will depend on its evolution for a long time to come. It’s impossible to stand still and pretend that it’s all a bluff.

If not today, when?

“Mobile first”: not just a slogan

In the end, therefore, to define the motto «mobile first» as a compass of our time is not only a reminder, but the way forward at this time, with no additional space for turns of words: while we write this piece, 74% of users make an online search from mobile before concluding a purchase. Today that mobile has become our social status, delaying the steps to discover all its secrets means committing a serious error of assessment for any business.

From the UX optimisation in a mobile perspective – and not just desktop–, the responsive design and integration of mobile strategies for e-commerce, the immersion in the new mobile app marketing environment and monitoring tools to analyse in depth all the new frontiers. There really is a lot to do.

Mobile marketing is proving, in short, a world that is not standing still and that needs to be discovered more and more closely.

And then, yes, it is worth a lot.

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