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RichClicks has partnered with Klaviyo, an avant-garde email marketing & SMS platform, equipped with intelligent customization services, to offer our clients innovative and customized solutions for marketing automation campaigns and short messaging.

The Klaviyo solution is an advanced type of email marketing for data management, campaign automation, and communication personalization: thanks to its integration with various eCommerce platforms, Klaviyo is able to offer solutions suitable for every type of business and target, from small online stores to large companies.

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Together with Klaviyo, RichClicks provides its clients with customized consulting to choose the best communication strategies and define the goals of the email marketing strategy: creating highly custom and segmented campaigns based on user behavior with Klaviyo changes the rules of the game, drastically improving their effectiveness, reducing management times and maintaining quality and style intact for your message.

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Klaviyo Email Marketing & SMS Partner: How Your CSM Changes

Full support in implementing Klaviyo, Setup and list management, Advanced monitoring and reporting and much more: Klaviyo can help you set up campaigns and automation to achieve measurable impact on email and SMS.

So why is Klaviyo for Email Marketing & SMS the best choice? Here's a few reasons:

Customized solutions: thanks to its ability to integrate with different eCommerce platforms, Klaviyo is able to offer customized solutions for every type of business, from small online stores to large companies. Thanks to the dedicated partnership, RichClicks can provide customers with personalized consulting to choose the best communication strategies and define business objectives on the platform.

Campaign automation: Klaviyo allows you to automate the email sending process, but not in the classic way! The effectiveness of campaigns and the reduction of management times are the central points of its technology. This way, our customers can focus on the most important activities of their business, while the management of email marketing campaigns is completely automated.

Custom campaigns, always: Klaviyo allows you to create highly personalized email marketing and SMS campaigns based on user behavior. For example, you can automatically send follow-up emails to customers who have abandoned their cart, or send personalized promotions based on customers' interests and purchasing habits.

Advanced reporting and analytics: Klaviyo provides advanced email marketing tools ranging from advanced analytics to segmented reporting, which can help businesses better understand their customers' behavior and keep an eye on it at all times. It is possible to track the performance of marketing campaigns, segment customers based on various factors (such as purchasing behavior or geographic location and detailed buyer persona profiles), and use this information to optimize future strategies.

An email marketing platform, but... not just the same one!

If you are trying to optimize your mailing list, ensure that shipments reach the right inbox or capture as many online leads as possible, Klaviyo's campaigns and automation can do it better than we've seen so far. Especially because they will make it easier for you to really convert your customers.

From content importing to segmentation and creative execution, with our Klaviyo partnership we can offer dedicated support to set up and optimize completely custom email marketing flows, so you can get back to what matters most: helping your brand grow online with a CSM system that really works.

It's the marketing automation of the future, but now!

If you want to improve your email marketing & SMS performance, contact us to find out how our partnership with Klaviyo can give you the right boost!

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