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Spotify Advertising: making your voice heard with audio ads.

The commercials of the future are streaming.

The use of streaming service platforms like Spotify is now a consolidated phenomenon, which over the years has given rise to a new form of on-demand use of music, podcasts and entertainment content. Therefore, as a matter of fact, it’s full of new opportunities.

An increasingly large portion of today’s digital consumers has populated Spotify, which has reached a number of users that cannot be overlooked. The future of audio ads, from playlists to shuffle listening, is aimed at those who listen to streaming music. Our lifestyles are now oriented to an on the go life more than ever, with a daily routine that makes the always-connected philosophy the fixed point. And in which audio, on digital channels, plays a more central role than we imagine.

Rules that have allowed Spotify to become a king of online audio entertainment, the place to build a concrete identity for brands that want to reach as many audiences as possible. And they want to reach exactly their audience, since the platform is used by a variety of perfectly balanced base in terms of age, habits, sector, lifestyle, preferences. That’s where digital marketing meets a new fascinating challenge, which can help brands discover more possibilities than they think.

Spotify Audio Ads, how do they work?

With Spotify Ads campaigns your brand can always use different paths and methods to meet the user: not only those who use the service in free mode to browse and listen to music everyday, but even those who are regular podcast listeners and who interact with the most popular Spotify playlists on the network. All of that comes inside an endless catalogue of possibilities, a true ecosystem continuously updating, populated by million active users.

Our team has the ability to create audio, video and display announcements for you on mobile, tablets, desktops and all the platforms where Spotify is used, including a target audience optimization in real time.

This is why Spotify has integrated its advertising platform, Spotify Ad Studio. It’s the first digital self-service advertising platform, through which to run audio advertising campaigns just like on other types of digital advertising platforms, in an even more intuitive way.

What are the real ways to use Spotify audio ads? And what kind of customers are you able to target?

Find out how streaming intelligence can drive your success.

Audio Streaming: Target and Usability.

Digital ad breaks satisfy the need to target your communication efficiently, thanks to a wide variety of styles and formats in which you can customise them. But, also, for the effectiveness of an advertising campaign which can use data that accurately profile the user, optimizing your planning and ensuring efficiency.

From your headphones to the car, from mobile to desktop, Spotify AD Studio's thought-provoking technology allows for a variety of targeting options, as you can decide the device from which your ad will be played and monitor it accordingly: desktop, mobile, gaming platforms and much more.

Spotify campaigns targeting features allow you to choose an audience based on music preferences, age, gender, location and usual activities and behaviour. All of that to make sure your ad reaches whoever you want, just in the right context.

Thanks to this kind of setup, brands can reach a Spotify verified audience: real people, who will interact with your ad according to the preferences chosen before starting the campaign. 

Ask our consultants and jump aboard the new digital trend!

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