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Discover Digital Marketing Excellence with Sky Media Advertising.

In the vast universe of digital marketing, standing out and reaching your audience requires smart strategies and tailor-made solutions. Thanks to advanced Sky Media Advertising campaigns, your company can adopt a personalised advertising strategy, fully leveraging the rich portfolio managed by Sky Media.

With Sky Ads, you can shape your advertising campaigns according to the specific needs of your brand, selecting content, channels, and desired audiences, all while maintaining perfect control over the budget.

How does it work?

Sky Advertising offers advertising planning across numerous Sky Media properties, with the possibility of targeted targeting on different clusters: men, women, age groups, football lovers, news enthusiasts, and much more.

Options include Addressable TV on free-to-air channels such as TV8 and Cielo, Fluid Content with over 350 affiliate sites and 30 million unique visitors per month, official Sky websites, and local advertising.

Additionally, Sky Ads allows you to explore the app universe through proximity mobile, bringing your advertising to cover the entire world of applications.

Out of Home

Not just online, with Sky Advertising, you can launch digital out-of-home campaigns, for example at Rome Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports, bringing your advertising to new horizons.

Contact us to learn more about our method and discover how we can help you achieve your goals. Fully realise your potential with the specialised services of our agency!

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