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How to best convey your advertising on Amazon

Surely you are familiar with Amazon, the most trusted and widely used e-commerce platform in the world. Amazon has had a huge impact on digital retail over the years, becoming the global reference for online commerce in our time. Amazon has changed the way people shop, and is often held up as an example for its perfect user experience and for winning the trust of consumers of all kinds.

Whatever you are looking for, on Amazon you can find it and buy it in a few clicks. This represents a huge opportunity for those who want to sell products online. However, is not enough to just upload your products to Amazon in order to grab a sale! It's precisely when products have just been uploaded that it is most difficult to make them visible. Moreover, the competition on Amazon is enormous, but thanks to tools such as Amazon Advertising, it is possible to take full advantage of the sales potential of this site.

Advertising on Amazon means creating targeted sponsorships for when the user is in the final part of the purchase funnel, i.e. when he has already decided to buy a product and wants to improve it. At that moment, the potential buyer has already logged in and searched on Amazon, and will therefore be about to make a purchase.

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How to optimise your products for SEO on Amazon: a quick guide

You may not have known that Amazon also offers the possibility of increased visibility through SEO, i.e. optimising content to match commonly used search terms.

Due to the exponential growth in the number of products for sale and the number of sellers active on the portal, Amazon has increasingly focused on all advertising activities in recent years. This has created new opportunities for businesses large and small: an ecosystem in which search results are completely SEO-oriented, with all that this entails at a strategic level.

So how do you optimise your products for SEO on Amazon? 

First of all, it will be important to understand how the site's search algorithm works. The goals are quite different from those on Google or Bing and it can be quite different to work effectively to attract an audience. If on the one hand there is a user looking for a product to buy, on the other hand there are merchants who want their products to be found by the right buyer in an intuitive way. Once you have satisfied the internal system that structures lists and product sheets and is constantly driven by SEO criteria to be refined with a solid strategy, you can move on to structuring your Amazon advertising strategy.

How Amazon Advertising works and how to make the most of it

By advertising on Amazon, you can count on a system in which selling your products is facilitated at all stages. The system adopted is of the Pay Per Click (PPC) type. This means that payment is only made if a user clicks on the ad you are sponsoring. This way you can be sure that your ads have really captured the interest of users. 

Getting started with Amazon advertising is quite quick, you just need to have a Pro account and access the Advertising section of your Seller Central account, from where you can set up your Ads. Doing this in a professional manner is essential for optimal results. Amazon's algorithm is heavily influenced by sales that have already been made, so for newly added products, creating effective ads as soon as possible is essential.

Using Amazon Advertising, you can place your products among the sponsored products, including on the pages of similar products sold by competitors, or sponsor your brand, create an Amazon Store, or a display or video ad. 

It will be essential to create effective ads through a strategic mix of these options, as Amazon recently revealed that only 1 in 5 sales are made through search. All other conversions are through suggested or sponsored items.

Our best-practice for advertising on Amazon

We would like to give you a few more pointers to answer two of the most common questions when it comes to advertising on Amazon: How does positioning on Amazon work? And what strategy can you implement to be really effective? Let's take a closer look at the options you can choose from for advertising on Amazon. 

Sponsored Products

By choosing keywords in line with your product, you can use a pay-per-click mechanism to get the first places in the search results by means of sponsored ads. In this way, you make yourself highly visible to users who have searched for those keywords.

Sponsored brands

An alternative to sponsoring individual products is to sponsor your own brand on Amazon. If you choose the sponsored brand option, you can create a very personalised ad, through which you can convey your brand philosophy as much as possible, including the logo, a title and three products to highlight. 

Amazon stores

With the Amazon Stores option, vendors can create virtual shops on the Amazon portal. It will be possible to create a storefront, including images, text and video content. Just like a physical shop, the Amazon user will be able to browse through all the available offerings of that brand. 

Display ads

Amazon's display ads work by means of retargeting: people who have viewed your products without making a purchase will find the same products displayed outside the Amazon site, for example on Facebook. These are the ads with the highest price and the most versatile, as they are available in various formats. 

Video Ads

Let's move on to the video version of Amazon's display ads. Why should you choose this type of ad? Because it is estimated that video ads have a higher conversion rate. 

Personalised Ads

As already mentioned above, Amazon has been focusing a lot on the development of its advertising platform in recent years. In fact, new, highly customisable ads are continuously available, which can be adapted to your needs and reach your audience more and more effectively.

Amazon DSP

We conclude our list of tools for advertising on Amazon with the programmatic advertising platform for display and video ads. This is a platform that can be managed directly by the seller, which implies high investments and with them quite interesting returns, if used correctly. 

All these tools can be extremely effective if used wisely. Our consultants are specialised in advertising on Amazon and will be able to give you the best advice to get the most out of your investment.

The general advice is to always be clear about the results you would like to achieve through your campaigns. It will be important to check your competitors' activities to include details they may not have focused on, and generally take a cue. The CTR should be kept under review, and optimised by taking into account the qualities that the Amazon algorithm focuses on.

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