Omni-Channel vs Multi-Channel: which one to choose?

The importance of e-commerce business and online shopping for brands of any size is increasing day by day. The number of online customers and their behaviour through the touchpoints on multiple channels while they browse have become crucial for the global revenue of companies.

As users browse entertaining, inspiring content, educational or even content to actively research products to purchase and every single second can turn into an opportunity for your e-commerce.

However, it is true that digital world is also full of distractions or interruptions for several reasons, that’s why it is so essential to building up a strategy which can guarantee the best customer experience at the same time that your company obtain optimal results.

The basis to achieve such purposes is to establish your goals and the approach that your business has picked between Omni-channel and Multi-channel.

Differences between Omni-channel and Multi-channel marketing.

To define the differences between Omni-channel and Multi-channel marketing models, let’s make clear both concepts first and then, go through the gaps and different benefits that both can provide to your digital business plan:

Omni-channel marketing refers to the multichannel sales approach which provides the users with an integrated shopping experience. It gives the possibility for users to engage with business in physical stores, through social media, on a website or a mobile app and provide a seamless experience.

  • The Omni-channel approach aims to ensure that customers have a stunning overall experience with the brand across every channel used in the strategy, Intends to create stronger relationships between brands and customers.
  • The focus on customer’s experience engenders a key difference between both strategies: the consistency! An Omni-channel approach is very effective to ensure that customers receive the same experience and with the same quality through each and every channel.  
  • An effortless experience for consumers is one of the leading goals of Omni-channel marketing. Understanding how to make customers online journey easier is one of the most significant features of this digital marketing practice.
  • Omni-channel Digital Marketing is all about the individualised and constant customer experience.

While Multichannel marketing, allude to the ability to interact with potential customers through diverse platforms. Such channels might be a website, banners, emails, social media posts, among others.

  • The Multi-channel approach merely aims to spread the brand presence via the maximum possible channels to obtain the broadest set of customers and the highest brand engagement from them.  
  • A Multi-channel approach might be very beneficial to obtain measurable data through the access to online channels which would not be reachable from traditional offline campaigns.
  • Other of the most relevant strengths of Multi-channel marketing is the possibility of exploiting essential topical or seasonal trends while uplifting in demands.
  • Multi-channel digital marketing can improve the outcome of your business through e-commerce transactions as well as, empower your CRM.

What strategy does my business need to follow?

We are quite sure that the answer will not surprise you at all! However, reading and reflecting on it can lead to the right path of your digital marketing plan.

On the one hand, Multi-channel digital marketing makes possible the interaction with a more significant number of customers and potential customers at an increased frequency while the repetition of your message across different channels can maintain the interest about your brand or re-engage your audience.

On the other hand, an Omni-channel strategy will help your company to unify your digital marketing strategy and focus it on the customer experience first, providing your audience with an integrated shopping experience that allows the shopping with no effort at all.  

Therefore, a valance between Multi-channel and Omni-channel digital marketing development, giving to both of them the importance of their role in your general Digital Marketing strategy will be the key to succeed in the online market. The combination of the advantages that both approaches provide to your business is crucial to empowering the impact of your brand and the results of your company through your digital development.

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