User Experience (UX) and Usability Testing

Making each click on your website a unique experience.

You invest a lot of money in bringing users to your site, so it's vital to give them the smoothest experience possible to get them to convert. After all, a website is a bit like a shop window, so why let it get dirty over time, risking potential customers passing by without stopping?

Our specialist UX team will carry out usability tests based on video-recorded visits from typical users who visit your site and make up your audience.
For usability analyses we rely on best practices and tools, such as Hotjar, Brainsight with predictive analysis, heat-maps and recordings.

The aim is to make the user experience as good as possible and identify any problems that need to be resolved to facilitate navigation and therefore conversion on the site.


User behavior and usability issues analysis.

We use sophisticated tools that give us the opportunity to observe in-depth the user's behaviour, recording their sessions in a totally anonymous and encrypted way, respecting their privacy. In this way, we can understand what are the obstacles that typically block the user from converting. 

After the first phase of analysis, we identify and recommend those solutions that can be implemented immediately, focusing on sections, content and features that are really crucial in the decision-making process of the user.

So we present a document suggesting Best Practices to correct usability errors or improve the UX, we guide you in the prioritization of interventions and provide an action plan.

When we approach such work we always take into account what is the general aspect of the site, the business, the typical users, the competitors and many other factors. The so-called "design decisions" will always be well calibrated because your showcase needs to be well ordered, but also imaginative, creative and attractive. 

Let's go into more detail.

User Experience Optimization: finding the errors and letting them disappear.

Not every website you find when you surf the Internet have been designed according to best practices of usability. In fact, there are very few that have been examined, tested and optimized properly.

Then, on the other hand, there are those that really stand out for clarity of content and ease of navigation. For the simple reason that they have passed through the hands of several figures, including a professional UX / UI designer, a key figure for the success of a website.

Thanks to our resources, the Nielsen & Norman Group certified methodology and different specific tools, we’re not just able to recommend usability solutions to improve the conversion rate, but also to design websites, landing pages and newsletters from scratch.

At some point in our digital lives, we've all struggled to navigate a website smoothly, desperately searching for the content we needed, unfortunately we haven't always succeeded. We've given up and moved on to click on another site, deleted the app from our phones or never returned to that platform. It happened to everyone and this, more than any other piece of data, proves that user experience is a key factor for any website or app. And yes, improving its functionality really does lead to a noticeable competitive advantage.

Do you want to try a test now?

"Repeat after me: I am not the target audience!" (Jakob Nielsen)

Try to think of navigating your website as if you were a new user visiting it for the first time. Forget where the buttons are and the areas you are used to visiting, ask yourself questions you don't usually ask yourself, look for things you don't usually look for, get an idea of how your site is seen by a stranger: if you resort even for a moment to your memory to look for shortcuts then you need a UX analysis. 

Remember that each person thinks differently, some people have a more engineered navigation pattern, schematically laid out like a flowchart, while other people follow more "imaginative" and often disconnected paths. Don't underestimate also that what you identify with a specific word is good for all visitors, as they may also have very different backgrounds from yours.

So it is really important to focus on both aspects.


The visual aspect of a website is the vehicle through which written information travels to our audience. Great care must be taken to ensure that the graphics facilitate navigation and focus the user's attention where he or her expects to find what is looking for. Not only colours and buttons, but also the choice of photos must be carefully calibrated to reflect what we want to convey and what our visitors expect to find. This is why even a simple choice of colour can make all the difference. Imagine, in the previous example, that you notice a beautiful wooden shop window, whose predominant colours are ochre, yellow and brown, you go in and discover that it is a cutting-edge computer services shop... it may be creative for some, but in most cases this will cause a cognitive short circuit that will generate questions and doubts.


The analysis of the written part is not secondary, but runs parallel to the visual part. After all, what does graphics do if not guide us to the fruition of content? And if the user does not find the right content in the right place, we can have the best possible graphics, but we will always miss opportunities. Mind you, when we talk about content we are referring not only to the texts on the site but also, and above all, to the titles, subtitles, the meticulous choice of Call To Action and microcopy. Everything needs to be in the right place and speak naturally.
Sounds easy, doesn't it! Well, it takes skill, practice and expertise: that's what we're here for!

To build a strong identity around your brand message, every visit to your site needs to become an experience that will not go unnoticed.

Contact us today and let's talk about User Experience for your users!

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