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If you’re here, it’s definitely because you’re looking for an agency that can look after your digital advertising platforms. And possibly, make them better.

Before we talk about solutions and channels through which we operate digital advertising techniques, the offer and the advice we can offer, the fact that we are one of the first Google Premier Partner agency in Italy, the story of every international prize we won, the award-winning campaigns from our past works and much more... We do want to write two lines about how we approach our customers. Which, for us, it’s everything that matters.

Each digital marketing plan, marketing campaign or service we offer comes with two main factors: the personalization of your digital strategy and obsessive attention, by us, to details. Almost every customer that has chosen RichClicks for a particular service have then relied on us for a 360° degree digital advertising consultation for their website afterwards.

If your website only uses a small part of digital communication channels, doesn’t rely on its advertising potential or has no specific plan for the future of the company online, we think we can really help you change this.

How exactly, you ask? Find it out with us.

Our digital advertising that provides an essential human touch to your strategy.

Google ADS

We have been managing Google Ads campaigns since our launch, we are recognized by Google itself as the first Google Premier Partner agency in Italy and among the TOP 100 in the EMEA market. We are pioneers in the Italian market for having connected Google Ads with third-party platforms years ago. If you want to be successful on search engines or in Display Advertising, you've found the perfect partner.

Social ADV

We are Facebook Marketing Partners and we breathe daily Social Network Advertising, Social Media Marketing and everything that their world moves. We build complex strategies with a methodology matured during countless hours of work on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and all other social platforms, but we believe that the real way forward is to be able to leverage collateral work on all channels, in the most versatile and effective way.

Mobile Advertising

La tua pubblicità sui dispositivi più popolati della nostra epoca? Vogliamo proporti le nostre idee per farlo al meglio. Il mobile advertising fa parte di un segmento molto particolare del digitale che ci sta portando verso un futuro di nuovi device, nuovi concetti e nuove strategie. Regole inedite da imparare e una logica che si muove da una parte all’altra, come in nessun altro canale prima d'ora: salire a bordo adesso significa prenotare un posto davanti alla concorrenza.

Email Marketing

Are your DEMs ignored from your engagement list? You probably need someone to help you design a better email marketing, starting with the contact acquisition strategy and then moving on to design, both of the Landing Page and the email itself. And then, clearly, focus on what really counts (and that probably most digital agencies won’t tell you): content.

Digital Video Advertising

We manage video campaigns and digital ad creation for video ads. We believe the potential of video content channels has not yet been explored in full. Video ads campaigns follow their own mechanisms and often choose totally different paths from the classic rules of other media. Contact us if you want to learn more about what this evolution is about.

Amazon ADV

Have we forgot about the world e-commerce king? Of course not. Amazon earns about half of the whole US e-commerce revenue and it has now taken hold in most of the online retail businesses worldwide. The Amazon Advertising campaigns we structure will be a constant source of research, a total immersion in the core of today's digital world for any products or services you offer.

Spotify Ads

With Spotify Ads campaigns your brand has the ability to embrace ever-changing channels and methods. We create a marketing strategy for your video, audio and display ads on mobile, tablets, desktops and all the platforms in which Spotify is used, with target audience strategies and optimization.

Our experience in Digital ADV consulting.

For three consecutive years RichClicks has been the digital agency chosen to participate in the Google Premier Partner Awards. We are among the top Google agencies in Italy and one of the top 100 agencies in the entire EMEA Market.

Our team has achieved exceptional results thanks to a constant digital strategy aimed at progression and a commitment to projects that focus on evolution: values officially recognised by Google, which defines us as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world.

Together with 8 other European agencies we founded DALL International, an alliance created to share values, knowledge and side projects in the markets each member represents. As well as providing fresh involvement and stimulation, the alliance is a unique opportunity to embrace the digital evolution from different perspectives, but always from very close range.

We conveyed our enthusiasm with a keynote at Biassa E-commerce Immersion, a prestigious series of events organised throughout Europe that aims to bring together important players in the world of e-commerce and digital marketing. The opportunity was once again to create a valuable setting in which to share our ideas, network and keep up to date with the latest European digital trends. We also hold lectures and workshops both at company level and in leading schools and universities.

We are attending Google Marketing Live, the most important digital event of the year at Big G in San Francisco, California. Being able to be present at an event of this magnitude is a further achievement: a stage that brings together important marketers from all over the world and that stimulates sharing, resources and insight into the future and expansion of this sector.

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