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WP Store

Case Study

The customer

The innovative WP Store concept was launched in 1985 with the first store in Bologna, offering a curated selection of products from around the world. Founded by Giuseppe Calori and his daughter Cristina, WP Stores were conceived as multifunctional spaces dedicated to original and contemporary fashion.

Today, these stores are located in key Italian cities such as Bologna, Milan, Florence and Riccione, offering a unique lifestyle that combines fashion, footwear and accessories to express an authentic identity through trendy international brands.

The Challenge

RichClicks we have been working with them since early 2022 on the marketing strategy of their multiword online store. Our goal for 2023 was to exceed ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) by 5, a value achieved the previous year.

Among the brands from WP Works in Progress that we worked on are:

  • Barbour: A British brand known for its waxed jackets and outdoor clothing.
  • Blundstone: An Australian shoe brand famous for its boots.
  • Baracuta: An iconic British brand famous for its classic G9 jacket, often referred to as "Harrington."
  • Vans: A California brand known for its skateboard sneakers.
  • Spiewak: A brand with American roots known for its workwear and military uniforms.
  • B.D. Baggies: A brand known for its shirts.

Our approach

The strategy adopted integrated Meta, Google Ads and Criteo, capitalizing on the advanced capabilities of machine learning and automated optimizations. These tools, not only offer a significant advantage, but once the target is set, the algorithm autonomously identifies ideal customers, intercepting the perfect user at the most opportune time.

With targeted suggestions on audience segments, campaign adaptation occurs more quickly, saving significant time.

The main objective then becomes refining assets based on the results obtained. Of note, machine learning maintains a complete view of the data from the first appearance of ads on the Google network, with an emphasis on promoting multipara products through Google Shopping.



Overall increase to 7.9 through targeted advertising campaigns

ROAS on Google Shopping

Overall increase to 8.5 via dedicated strategy

Engagement and website sessions

11.5% increase in users and refinement of engagement on products


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