Case Study

The Client

Loverlock, an eclectic emporium hosting many of the world's most prestigious fashion and luxury brands, has firmly established itself as the go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking style, elegance, and competitive prices.

With a carefully curated selection, Loverlock offers an unparalleled shopping experience where each visit becomes a journey through the realm of haute couture and luxury.

The Challenge

Loverlock faced the challenge of expanding its digital presence and increasing revenue in a highly competitive landscape. The company sought to enhance brand visibility, optimize marketing strategies, and capitalize on growing opportunities in online channels.

Our Approach

Drawing on our experience in digital marketing and e-commerce strategies in the fashion vertical, we devised a comprehensive plan tailored to Loverlock's objectives.

Leveraging a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and our technical and strategic expertise, we suggested optimization interventions on the website, UX, and SEO, and formulated targeted campaigns to maximize reach and engagement across various platforms. Our focus was on selecting the right channels to invest the budget, coupled with effective brand communication based on key commercial drivers.


• Development of dynamic advertising campaigns on Google and Meta, carefully designed for Loverlock's target audience and highly focused on sales.

• Implementation of advanced SEO tactics to strengthen organic traffic and improve search engine ranking, thereby increasing Loverlock's online visibility and accessibility.

• Usability analysis leading to a conversion-oriented website relying on audience behavior analysis.


• Remarkable growth of +54.2% in overall revenue compared to the previous year, indicating a significant increase in consumer demand and website penetration.

• Year-over-year increase of approximately 30% in revenue generated solely from advertising campaigns on Google and Meta, highlighting the effectiveness of our targeted marketing efforts and strategic advertising placements.

• Achieved an excellent Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), indicative of optimal use of advertising resources.

• Increase of +910.6% in clicks due to SEO optimizations and a +3.9% increase in organic positioning.


Through our collaborative efforts and innovative strategies focusing on best practices in the fashion e-commerce vertical, Loverlock successfully navigated the digital landscape, achieving substantial growth and solidifying its position in the multibrand fashion industry. Looking ahead, we remain committed to contributing to the client's continued success and unlocking new opportunities for Loverlock brand expansion.


«RichClicks played a crucial role in Loverlock's growth in 2023. The collaboration is highly proactive and consistent, and the team quickly bonded with our internal team. The data provided is real-time and crucial for our analyses. A great first year of collaboration!».

Pier Maria Salvagno, MD & Founder of Loverlock



Of total revenue compared to the previous year


Increase in clicks due to SEO optimizations and a +3.9% increase in organic positioning

+30% YoY

Of revenue generated solely from advertising campaigns on Google and Meta


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