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We are an international internet marketing agency which counts on an international and multilingual team who are capable to manage your online campaign and achieve the best result either national or international wide. To do so we co-founded Dall International with 7 other european agencies.

Dall International is a digital marketing alliance born to offer European clients an international network which will support the market opening and business expansion across Europe.

Thanks to this alliance European agencies who share common values and deeply believe in digital innovation can provide the engagement of a robust digital community that works together all across the European market. The alliance expects to be a set of guarantees for all the agency members to improve the projects and provide the best results for every single client. Working with any Dall Int member will make you highly competitive not only for your local market but also internationally.

The Dall Int. manifesto:

Consistent, documented top-notch results for clients: Dall Int already has a large number of successful case studies, and its primary goal is to carry on new challenges that can empower those businesses that want to be part of the European giants in the digital market.

Hole-hearted and international cooperation: sharing is caring, and Dall Int members are more than aware of it! For this reason, all the agencies can rely on the rest of the members to expose particular cases, doubts and challenges to discover the way that the rest of Europe is embracing the digital market evolution, and how other regions of the continent are dealing with the digitisation of businesses.

Therefore, even if your market is mainly national, working with a Dall Int Agency member can give you the opportunity to innovate and re-establish your position in your local market.
Thought and action leadership: Dall Int aims always to find all the opportunities existing through the online market for all the clients. Listening to the expectations and goals of clients carefully, the alliance is ready to work in cooperation to lead the projects to their best results.

Meet all the members of Dall Int, the best independent agencies in their main markets:

RichClicks: agency selected to represent the Italian market.
Bluerank: agency selected to represent the Polish market.
AWE: agency selected to represent the French market.
Web2Media: agency selected to represent Danish, Swedish and Norwegian markets.
Traffic Builders BV: agency selected to represent Dutch market.
Universem: agency selected to represent Belgian market.
Sleeping Giant Media: agency selected to represent the British market.

Multilingual Team.

Our purpose is to drive traffic in the international market and for that, we develop campaigns in the main European languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, German and French. RichClicks aims to create strong and effective global digital campaigns to increase the traffic, conversion, customer loyalty and recognition of your brand online. Moreover we understand the importance of creating plural and fresh projects which can succeed in a globalised world where digital communication should be limitless for your business.

Thanks to an international team your business can take the best advantage of the digital era and present an online marketing campaign able to reach customers worldwide. RichClicks team is ready to work in different countries, understanding the differences in each market thanks to the international experiences that every member of the team has had either personally or professionally.

We are a multicultural team competent to deliver and manage digital campaigns in different languages.

What we offer.

SEO: best SEO practises onsite and offsite to improve your organic visibility in the language that you need.

Search Advertising: effective campaigns to achieve your business objectives and maximise your ROI in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. We also have a partnership for Russian and China.

Digital Advertising: advertising online in all digital media channels (Prospecting and Remarketing campaigns through Search, Display, Video, DEM, Social Media).

Mobile Advertising: turn the growth of mobile and tablet usage into an opportunity to empower your business.

Usability Testing: get the best recommendations to improve the user experience to help you to achieve the best competitive advantage.

Conversion Optimisation: ensure your conversion rate increases NOT ONLY the traffic.

Social Media: our digital marketing will incorporate all of your social platforms to engage with your customers.

Marketing Automation and inbound Marketing through our platform RichAutomation.

Analytics and reporting with our RichDashboard: for monitoring and analysing all digital marketing activities.

International SEO services

We know, and probably you know that too, that nowadays to maximise your brand success and grow your own international visibility online what you need is a search engine marketing strategy nicely tailored for your own specific needs!

Search engines are the most common way of navigating the internet worldwide so developing the right method of handling the search-ability of your digital channels (video, images, social media, web pages) is the core of any winning organisation!

However, keeping track of your online performance can be a challenging task!

As an awarded international SEO agency, here at RichClicks each of our digital consultants knows very well how to apply international SEO marketing plans on your specific market and he is ready to work step by step with your business to boost your search ranking and improve the proficiency of your channels!

We know exactly how to get you to the top and most importantly stay at the top: it is all about the right strategy and dedication!

How do we do it?

First you will be assigned a personal SEO consultant that will work directly on your project and will look closely at your online trend behaviour in your existing market to identify the best strategy to boost your business online presence and reach broader audiences!

Then our expertise will perform a detailed research analysing Google searches, conversions and links through a sophisticated tool, tracking your brand and topic on the web for two weeks.

Last, after specific researches on your international and national market they will work on a monthly action plan to structure a report on authority and a detailed competitor analysis to enhance the influence of your content both on-site and across the internet, considering social media, blogs, online magazines and specialised sites. With our powerful keyword scouting system we will monitor your online ranking and trends in your market.

We will also be there side by side with your own developing team in order to fix and improve all possible seo issues and provide you with on-going SEO technical support whenever you need it!

We speak your language!

Being an international digital agency that works globally means language is never a boundary! Here at Rich Clicks we can develop your perfect Content Marketing Plan offering skilled specialists in:






With our great knowledge of potential and possibilities of each of these individual national markets we will guarantee you a winning international SEO service.

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