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Our digital retail dedicated soul.

Why does a digital agency decide to create a division specialising in e-commerce consultancy? The stimulating complexity and challenges of this sector favoured the idea of creating a division within our agency.

We want to offer e-commerce consultancy to those who want to make their online business grow strongly and consistently. A new identity in our path, which has after all always been an integral part of the projects we have worked on and needed to find a dedicated space.

Tell us your story, what are your promotional ideas and what do you want to communicate, tell us about your products and what makes them unique. We will be ready to help you with the best e-commerce strategy tailored to your project.

Our philosophy for e-commerce.

Milan or London, we love diversity and internationality, we want your business to explore markets you may be ignoring now.

Our philosophy embraces omni-channel by introducing advanced tracking metrics, which go beyond just calculating online sales, but also measure the impact that online campaigns have on the offline world. For example, how many people visit your physical shop after clicking on an online ad, so-called 'shop visits'.

We always take a full-channel approach, because we believe it is essential that you remain in contact with your audience at every stage of the purchase. We put ourselves in the shoes of the end consumer in order to study them and understand how to help them in the various phases of their purchasing moments. For us, what are known as micro-moments are the subject of constant study. In other words, we are the right agency for you, but above all for the audience you are trying to reach.

Experience in the e-commerce sector.

Do you have an e-commerce website that does not bring the desired results? Have you invested time and money in an e-commerce platform that does not work as it should and penalises you with maintenance and updating costs? Are you not convinced by the solutions you are offered?

Our team is dedicated to international clients who are already shaping the future of digital marketing for online shops. Our consultants define the digital marketing strategy through method, technology and market objectives, while maintaining a constant human relationship because we know how important it is to share the smoothest possible communication with a partner.

Over the years we have implemented omni-channel strategies and projects thanks to innovative solutions and completely in the Cloud, connecting online channels with offline experiences, because we are convinced of the winning factor that comes from the union of these two worlds.

If you think that digital transformation and online retail can expand your message globally, RichClicks is the international e-commerce agency you are looking for.

How do we put our vision into practice?

Thanks to years of experience in the e-commerce world, we have learned to know this sector, getting our hands dirty and, when it was useful, experimenting with new solutions.


We define the strategy for your digital e-commerce, help you choose the investment plan and work together in the most profitable alignment of the successful business plan: from an e-commerce site to an online shop.


The performance side, with its various ADV channels, is one of our strengths. We always optimise campaigns with ROAS as the primary target.

UI/UX Design.

We analyse the Front End Design of your E-commerce with the utmost attention to usability, to help your users convert.


Which e-commerce platform is right for you? We ensure you get the right path by providing advice that combines technology and experience, from web design to navigation experience, from innovation to effectiveness.

Let's talk about your e-commerce?

The future of your e-commerce starts with the choice you make today, start writing it with us!

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