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Track your phone call conversions to find out which channels are performing.

The ability to analyse is one of the fundamental principles in marketing, an area where it is precisely audience tests that validate the various practices adopted time and time again.

The reaction of users to the strategies applied, and therefore the results, are really the only values that can confirm the effectiveness of certain marketing actions.

This is why Call Tracking is an innovative and revolutionary service. With Call Tracking you can monitor the calls you receive and know exactly which marketing activities led users to contact you.

Identifying with certainty the origin of the telephone leads, i.e. the digital channels that assisted the call (PPC campaigns, keywords, social media, etc.) allows you to increase and invest in the right resources.

Call Tracking can also be used in off-line advertising channels, when perfecting an Above and Below the line communication strategy.

How does Call Tracking work?

This cloud-based service tracks user actions prior to the call. This makes it possible to identify which channel led the visitor from a Consideration stage to a Decision stage.

This is done by means of dynamic telephone numbers, through which it is possible to trace the origin of the call and thus identify which marketing campaign offers the best results, in terms of telephone contacts.

How to use it best?

The Call Tracking revolution is about knowing which digital channel is most beneficial to your business, which is why it is often a significant extra tool for your data.

Our tracking system traces the origin of calls and allows you to adjust your investments on the campaigns that produce the results most in line with your company's specific audience, favouring a strategy that always keeps pace with the trajectory of the brand.

Contact us to find out how to implement it on your channels.

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