How Machine Learning reshapes Marketing

That technology is continuously changing our world is not a surprise anymore. We have been aware of Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for a while and, despite that, both are interchangeably used, they are not the same.

While Artificial Intelligence refers to the idea that computers and machines can deal with tasks which require human intelligence; Machine Learning is a specific branch of AI developed to automate the model building for data analysis. That means that computers can identify patterns, learn by analysing the data collected and establish strategies without human intervention.

Digital marketing agencies have been using such technology to improve campaigns and optimise the customer experience to boost the revenue. Now it is time for you to learn how we can apply technology for the best of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Improve lead scoring accuracy and predict turnover.

We can improve your lead scoring accuracy and prioritise your lead generation strategies. Thanks to Machine Learning, we can monitor your customer’s or prospect customer’s behaviour and track the visits on your website, the opened emails, any downloads or clicks; as well as analyse the user’s behaviour on social networks.

Such tracking can help not only create an accurate customer profile but also improve the marketing strategy and avoid an invasive or outdated approach to the audience. Have you ever been reached by a campaign of a product that you already bought? – With Machine Learning you won’t do that to your customers!

Moreover, it can help you predict your turnover. Machine Learning can help you make predictions on your customer turnover by monitoring your customer’s behaviour. That will prevent and minimise customer loss before it is too late. At the same time that it analyses your data at a much larger scale to establish the digital marketing approach to empower your company growth by keeping your numbers of new customers higher than the churn rate.

The customer turnover measures the number of customers who ended their relationship with a business. To smash the market, your company must minimise such turnover and, Machine Learning is the best ally to predict your customer turnover and establish the digital marketing strategy that your company needs to keep such numbers below the new clients’ rate.

  • Machine Learning is the technology to develop more human marketing.

Machine Learning allows us to develop a sentiment analysis and understand the mood of your customers online. Thanks to such a report, businesses can determine levels of satisfaction, happiness and engagement from consumers and deliver a response according to such sentiments. Machine Learning is the perfect ally to help you read the emotions of your customers online and get ready for the right approach.

Also, Machine Learning can help you develop more human marketing by prioritising the customer experience on your platforms and personalise your marketing strategies. Once that you understood your consumers’ sentiments, your company can establish a tailored customer experience that boosts the engagement of the audience. Thanks to Machine Learning, it is possible to run targeted and personalised ads which lead your audience’s engagement to the highest levels.

Finally, Machine Learning can help you to recognise your products in images and videos online, even from Influencers and competitors activities. Such a feature is crucial to understand the strategy that you should develop to present your business with the originality and creativity, which will lead you to stand out of the crowds.

  • Empower your customer service with the best live chat.

Live chats are a plus in your customer service, and chatbots guarantee the best performance for your live chat feature. Machine Learning uses sentiment analysis to understand the mood and the tone of the messages from your customers and help you determine the best replay. Chatbots offer a more direct and fast response for your customer service and speed up the connection between your company and your consumers.

  • Improve your audience insights.

Just because your consumers buy your brand doesn’t mean that they are the same and share needs. With Machine Learning, it is possible to learn valuable information about your customers and establish the right segmentation of your audience to boost engagement when you target the audience.

Machine Learning has arrived to stay, and marketers are using it to revolve the digital operations and deliver the best digital marketing performance. If you thought that your company was not ready to implement such a revolutionary technology, let me tell you that the market will not wait for anyone. Now it is the time to be brave and go for the acceleration that new technology has available for us to take you to the next business level.

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