Blauer HT: +46% of conversions from Google and Meta

Blauer HT is a brand developed by FGF Industry SPA. The Blauer brand is renowned in the fashion world, and the HT products are primarily helmets characterized by a unique blend of technology and style, setting them apart from competitors.

In this article, we will examine the case study that led to significant improvement in results through our targeted strategy for accurate tracking, benefiting advertising campaigns.

The challenge

The client was already in a phase of digitalization with a website (not eCommerce) that allowed them to create awareness through spot campaigns on platforms like Meta and Google Ads.

Although the results obtained by the client were satisfactory for the investment in time and resources, they remained limited to tracking visits to the web page and the store locator in a generic manner.

Without an eCommerce platform, we had to develop a strategy that would improve site traffic, better target the audience, and enable users to locate the nearest helmet retailer.

The winning elements of the applied strategy were particularly:

  • A detailed study of competitors and their target audience, which allowed us to identify elements to refine
  • A well-defined structure for Google Ads and Meta campaigns, aimed at specific and not generic conversions
  • Detailed tracking of each step the user took within the web page

The approach

Even though the site did not lead to conversions intended as purchases or actual lead generation, it was important to improve tracking by identifying more accurate and not generic conversions like "page-view".

This approach had a positive impact on Google Ads and Meta campaigns, allowing them to refine the delivery of ads to a more qualified audience. The organic channel also benefited, seeing over a 90-day period:

  • A 2000% increase in new users
  • A 2000% increase in sessions

This data is highly significant. It demonstrates that a well-defined structure, especially during the digitalization of a business, has a positive impact on every marketing channel. Specifically, this was achieved by tracking events such as:

  • Page_view
  • Scroll
  • Session start
  • First visit
  • Search Store (conversion event)
  • Find a store (conversion event)
  • View Catalogue (conversion event)
  • Product Store

We implemented the ability to discover the user’s journey within the site, modifying our advertising strategy based on the results obtained. Previously, the client only tracked the following events:

  • Page_view
  • Session start
  • First visit
  • Search Store (conversion event)

A less detailed tracking structure limited our understanding of user movements within their journey and did not truly allow us to analyze their actual interest.

The results

Regarding results, it would not be fair to compare Google Ads or Meta campaigns YoY, as this is the first "real" year of advertising with a high-level budget, driven moreover by a structured strategy. Therefore, we will look at the trend of results by analyzing (and comparing) two specific months, June and July 2023:

Google AdsClicks increased by 60% compared to June 2023, and the number of conversions increased by 46% (892 conversions), with 420 coming from the Display campaign (about 50% of total conversions).

All this while maintaining a stable investment. Surprisingly, despite the Display campaign being used simply for awareness, during July, we recorded 274 “Find Store” conversions. In other words, approximately 274 users, clicking on the Display campaign and landing on the homepage, went directly to the top right button: "Find a store."

Here is a screenshot showing the percentage increase in 'Find Store' clicks over the past year, demonstrating a significant improvement compared to the previous year, a clear indicator of the positive results achieved thanks to our strategy.

Furthermore, it demonstrates how the push we managed to give through various types of awareness campaigns (both on Google Ads and Meta) has led users to become aware of the message conveyed by Blauer HT and how it is “preparing” the user, through this interaction, for the final conversion in the store.

  • Meta

Meta confirms what was said for Google Ads: campaigns with conversion goals target the interests of the audience, generating a high number of conversions on the store locator. This demonstrates that, despite the focus on brand awareness, there is room to expand the audience on which Blauer HT focuses.

In conclusion, the implementation of a targeted strategy by RichClicks has achieved remarkable success in increasing B2B sales for the brand, especially in the Italian context. In addition to adequately competing in the challenge with major multi-brand retailers.

Through detailed competitor analysis, a well-defined structure of Google Ads and Meta, and accurate tracking of users within the website, significant results were achieved. The notable increase in traffic and conversions testifies to the effectiveness of a well-structured digital strategy.

Looking to the future, these results suggest the potential for continuous growth for Blauer HT in the sector, confirming the importance of investing in digitalization and optimizing online marketing strategies.

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