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Dedicated consulting: migrating to Google Analytics 4, Server Side Tracking for GDPR and more

The future of the web is becoming more and more customised, but the transition has only just begun: we are here to offer you a comprehensive and customised service to help you harness the full potential of web analytics solutions and optimise your tracking and reporting strategies, from migration to Google Analytics 4 to Cookieless-proof navigation.

Our team can support you for a smooth transition and accurate data collection. In addition, we also offer consultancy services for Tag Management, Server-Side Tracking and Custom Reporting: let's see what they consist of.

Google Analytics 4 Migration

Migrating to Google Analytics 4 is a key step in taking full advantage of the new features and advanced data analysis capabilities offered by this platform. Our experts will guide you through the migration process, ensuring that all historical data and configurations are correctly transferred to the new system. We will help you make the most of the new metrics, machine learning features and advanced reporting options offered by Google Analytics 4.

Server Side Tracking consultancy for GDPR

Server-side tracking is an advanced methodology that allows tracking data to be collected and sent directly from the server, rather than from the visitor's browser. This approach offers numerous advantages, such as greater flexibility in controlling the data collected, increased security and the possibility of overcoming the limitations imposed by cookie blocks.

When implementing Server Side Tracking, however, it is important to take the necessary precautions to be GDPR compliant: it can offer advantages in terms of control and data security, but it is essential to ensure compliance with regulations when setting it up. Our team can help you correctly configure Server-Side Tracking to ensure reliable and accurate data collection.

Google Tag Manager consulting: what it is and what it is for

Google Tag Manager is a powerful tool that simplifies the management of tracking tags on your website. With Tag Manager, you can efficiently implement and manage tags from Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, AdWords and many others, without the need to make direct changes to your site's code. Our experienced consultants will guide you through the configuration of Tag Manager, allowing you to easily manage tracking tags, add new tags and quickly implement new features without requiring the support of a developer.

Consulting for Cookieless Solutions

With increasing privacy awareness and new cookie regulations, it has become increasingly important to find cookieless solutions for data collection and user tracking. Our consultants will provide you with in-depth analysis on best practices for implementing cookieless solutions, allowing you to continue collecting relevant data and generating detailed analyses without violating privacy regulations.

Custom Reporting for Websites

Standard reports provided by web analytics platforms may not fully meet your specific needs. We offer consultancy services to set up customised reports that answer your specific business questions: which pages, ads and keywords are converting best, which marketing campaigns and activities your leads are coming from, the level of leads received, the sales value of the leads, data on each lead and the possibility to add customised fields, and much more.

What about you? What do you need to embrace the future of the web?

Contact us to find out more about our services and start improving your analysing for your evolution-proof website.

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