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The era of (third-party) cookies is over: how do we prepare for it? For the advertising world a new challenge is preparing: Google announced the definitive withdrawal of third-party cookies. In 2020, the news was that within two years this change would have been definitive, same as what happened to Firefox and Safari, on the most used browser in the world, Chrome.

The step was decided in the interest of user privacy and security but, predictably, for the digital community this meant a sudden challenge. So this is it, and now it's time to be ready.

But what does it change, in practice, for advertising?

In short, the impact will be across the entire ecosystem, so not just on ads: from audience profiling and tracking to data collection, every strategy will be shaken up. In some areas of advertising, even a radical limitation of the ability to run ad campaigns as before.

How do you stay competitive without third-party cookies?

We started with that question, too, and set to work to answer it.

Together with our partners from the DALL alliance and external experts, we have prepared a white paper that investigates the questions but, more importantly, attempts to take stock of the answers.

It includes insights from all DALL members who have long explored the topic of the cookieless future to better prepare themselves.

Indeed, the verticality of the white paper has the perspective of countries such as the Netherlands, Italy and the UK, from the locations from which we have developed and enriched the paper, including our own.

The international relevance of the paper translates into expertise from the best and most experienced digital agencies in Europe, but there's more: you will find some of the most important players in contemporary e-commerce have had their say, enriching the material. We welcomed opinions and solutions from Blauer USA, Empik Group, Tradedoubler, Edrone and Decathlon.

What you will find inside the white paper

Mainly, a comprehensive answer to the question "post-cookie: perfect storm or just a change in approach?".

Basically, along with us at RichClicks, the lowdown from consultants and digital advertisers at Bluerank, Traffic Builders and Sleeping Giant Media, with insights into the change and room for solutions, including:

• What exactly will change in the post-third-party cookie era and what the consequences will be
• How to prepare for the new digital strategy
• E-Commerce: what the introduction of these changes means
• How to approach strategy formulation and campaign optimization
• The experience and opinion of Blauer USA, Empik Group, Tradedoubler, edrone and Decathlon

Watch this space!

The white paper will be available to download shortly.

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