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How do you make a social media marketing strategy that matters?

You will agree with us if we told you that, today, any business must have an active social network base if it wants to grow and to attract new customers.

Precisely for this reason, we take care of Social Media Marketing in a total way, with the strong intention of helping your company in managing channels and platforms that promote your brand.

We manage Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, LinkedIn and Instagram ads, concentrating on social media platforms and constant work, every day. In Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, thanks to our native-speaking consultants.

One thing at a time, though: if you arrived on this page, it’s because you want to understand how it can be useful for your brand to advertise on Social, maybe you will also want to live the tranquillity of trusting an expert without having to resort to third-party software…We’re quite there, right?

First of all, we define clear objectives, together with the client. We then organize the Social Media Strategy and the Social Media Plan for their target audience. We can then decide which social networks to use and how to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, because yes, we always aim for uniqueness (which is why you found us!).

After this, the consultant assigned to the project develops an editorial plan for the social media taken into consideration and manages the community by encouraging interaction and participation, defining a specific Social Ads plan that is targeted and strategically designed to achieve the client's goals.

Social Media Consultancy for Social Advertising.

Well, everything seems perfect.

But what is it that really sets us apart from other agencies on the market?

A dedicated client consultancy, without intermediaries. We are pioneers of this factor and we want to bring it, decisively, also to the world of Social Advertising. The Social Media Marketing strategy is followed by the consultant himself, who will develop the project together with the team dedicated to community management, guiding him at every stage of development.

First of all, focusing on the needs and the vision of the customer, on the products and services he needs to convey. Content marketing? Social Media Ads? A better call to action for your Video Ads?

We adapt our skills to the history, the project and the communication of the brand we work with, making sure that we continuously innovate our working method and the business itself. Through the support of creative campaigns, guerrilla marketing campaigns and, finally, social media marketing.

The consultant we will dedicate to your project will not only be limited to the management of advertising campaigns and the overall strategy, but will also focus on training your team, so that you can learn to manage your community from within.

Building Your User Base on Social Media.

What’s the social media your brand has the most chance to grow in? Have you already a strong presence there? Are you building a correct user base?

These seem just three simple questions, but they easily sum up the real identity you want to put out there. In order to structure a social media strategy that really hits, we want to know more about your story, your personality, your voice.

To start building a solid user base you want to interact with people that are likely to seek for you in the near future. And, if the message stays correctly fit with who you’re pointing at, we’ll manage to bring the same people back again and again. But wait, not just them. Even more.

Just as scrolling on our phone for the same app, over and over, every day.

What kind of future represents you best?

We develop the reputation of the customer's brand and personally take care of its optimization. We also manage situations of "crisis" on the Social: it is our daily bread.

We promote and protect brands and their community on a daily basis, even on weekends, through constant moderation. Because everyone knows their brand’s perks, but probably not everyone knows their real weakness.

We use tools dedicated to real-time monitoring of online conversations. We carry out reports with quantitative and qualitative word-of-mouth analysis on the web. Through our RichDashboard we will be able to control and moderate inappropriate comments, continuously and effectively. And it doesn’t just apply to a website: Social Media is the brand reputation landscape of tomorrow.

We work on any kind of goal: increasing sales and business opportunities, increasing brand awareness and engaging customers.

A consultant dedicated to your project will work on an integrated strategy, manage your campaigns daily and prepare detailed reports to monitor performance and ROI. We work in the management of Facebook pages, editorial strategy and community management.

How do we cope with all of this? Have a look at what we have done over the past years.

Our Journey.

For three years in a row, RichClicks was the digital agency chosen to participate in the Google Premier Partner Awards. We are the first Google agency in Italy and one of the top 100 agencies in the entire EMEA Market.

Our team has achieved exceptional results thanks to a digital strategy aimed at constant progression and putting commitment to projects that point to evolution: values, officially recognized by Google, which define us as one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world.

Together with 8 other agencies around Europe we founded DALL International, an alliance created to share values, knowledge and side projects on the markets that each member represents. In addition to providing involvement and new inspirations, the alliance is a unique opportunity to embrace digital evolution from different points of view towards the future.
We’re not just digital transformation addicted, online marketing connoisseurs or conversion rates refiners. More than anything, we're a group of people with a passion to share the success with those who made that success possible.

Yet, the next, important opportunity has yet to come.

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