Honieh Beauty

Honieh Beauty

Case Study

The client

After experimenting with a healthy, vegan lifestyle for many years, Honieh Beauty decided to launch its own collection of natural, organic and vegan skincare products. From this idea the brand new beauty brand of natural cosmetic products was born, thanks to the input of the well-known Italian influencer, Erika Boldrin. The brand believes in natural beauty and products that can make a real difference to your well-being and health. The products are natural, organic and vegan.

The challenge

RichClicks provides Honieh Beauty with its E-commerce for Retail department, with a vertical team specialised in strategic consulting in the sector, thanks to the experience accumulated over the years. In particular, it structured a collaboration that revolved around influencer marketing activities managed by the client through a direct marketing and advertising strategy on social networks and search engines. The objective was clear: to expand the brand in the Italian territory and increase the number of daily orders.

Strategy and objectives

The strategy was designed to be in line with Honieh Beauty's positioning, which is based on sponsoring natural and vegan cosmetics, exploiting the power of social media, especially Instagram. The approach was to complement influencer marketing actions with advertising campaigns and to increase buyer loyalty through constant communication via email marketing and an automation strategy. The consultancy focused on optimising the conversion rate in order to make the best possible use of the available media budget.



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