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At the moment, we don't have any open positions.

We're always on the lookout for talented individuals who can help us in our mission to innovate digital marketing. Let us know if you could be the one!

Want to join us?

Imagine a nice workstation, a list of tasks that someone has prepared for you, flexible deadlines, a bit of routine, everything smooth and easy.

That's what you're looking for, right?

OK, Google our competitors. You'll find your job. Good luck!

Still reading? Are you a freak? Ok, we've warned you.

RichClicks is different.

Our agency's mission is to rewrite the guidelines of the 'ideal' Digital Marketing Agency. How?

We assign to each project consultants who are experts in their field, a digital core team and an executive team. We have no external intermediaries between the client and the project.

We only have Google certified professional consultants.

Certification expired? Well, get stuck in, we're sure you'll be able to pass the exams every year: we'll help you do it. We want you to stay up to date with the trends and tools of the digital marketing industry.

We innovate. The world is built on this single keyword, we can't waste any other time. We want to innovate in order to offer the best possible result, through new strategies, efficient tools but above all great people!

We have a company philosophy based on equality, so forget the vertical hierarchy: each team member has a voice, a value and the respect of the other members.

Think you have all the requirements? Well, here's what we ask in return:

Do you think you have a good share of these qualities? Okay, then read on.

  • Total Flexibility
  • You love a challenge. Our boss is a marathon runner. Are you ready to run a marathon?
  • You’re skilled in teamwork. You won't be a mere consultant! We're a team of consultants, ready to donate a kidney for each other. Okay, maybe not a kidney...
  • A researcher, inspired, thirsty for knowledge person. Our clients don't want a simple digital marketing campaign. They want "The Digital Marketing Campaign".
  • You love this work. Only those who have a strong passion for what they do can succeed. And we want to succeed, with you.
What we offer:
  • We are young, small but very dynamic. We will grow, and you can be one of the pillars of RichClicks. Here, meritocracy reigns!
  • Ongoing training and events on Google
  • 1 extra day of holiday for every year worked.
  • Day off for your birthday!
  • Flexibility in working hours
  • Work from home, when applicable
  • Competitive salary plus bonuses

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