Where do we start?

It’s December 16th, 2013. In a café, in Croydon, RichClicks is officially incorporated. A café? Well, just because the founder, Simone Luciani, brought his laptop from upstairs to get working.

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A client becomes a friend, a friend becomes a business partner. Simone Passacantilli joins the company and helps Simone Luciani making the dream come true. From then on, clients and team members call them the Simones.

New office and first awards

We got our first “proper” office, a small but comfy space in Putney, with a cosy view of the Thames river. We win our first two prizes at the RAR Digital Awards: quite a big satisfaction for a young and small agency competing with big players. What a milestone!

Google adopts our growing agency

We make the double! We win another two RAR Digital Awards, for Digital Strategy and Effectiveness. We are invited to the Google EMEA Awards, and we’re pretty sure the table next to us still remember the noise: we’re in the top 100!

Bigger office, bigger team

The team is growing, we move again to a new home! We choose the Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, but we’re still those typical espresso-addicted Italians. We’re at the EMEA Google Awards again, we keep on hiring senior consultants and the squad keeps growing up. We are now 9.

Rock in Europe

2018 it’s a hell of a year, as it starts slowly but it closes faster than ever, running towards big results. We become 16, and the biggest challenge is to structure the agency with solid legs, keeping our identity even stronger than before. Together with other 8 agencies around Europe we create the digital alliance DALL, a project made to share knowledge, passion and beliefs. We win a Mediastar Award (our 5th trophy in 5 years!), we are finalists at the European Search Awards and we are the top italian agency at the EMEA Google Awards: what a ride!

A new E-Commerce division

Never look back, not even to take a run-up, right? 2019, in fact, doesn't see us sitting on our laurels: it's the year in which we can further enrich our background of experience, with the goal of being selected among Google's Trusted International Growth Partners and the entry of new and important additions to the team, which is now expanding to more than 20 units. A winning strategy for a client bears fruit on Think With Google, the publication of big G's official insights, ideas and success stories, while the entry into the market of our E-Commerce for Retail division creates valuable opportunities to create dedicated panels around Italy and the UK. Teamwork is still a lot, it's still human, but it thinks even bigger.

Grow, despite everything

The pandemic has affected us all, but we have not given up. In fact, it has given us inspiration and determination: we are relaunching RichClicks with a brand new website and a rebranding consistent with our evolution. We were selected as an agency recommended by Google in its International Growth programme for export. We were listed in MarTech Outlook as one of the best Digital agencies in Europe. In addition, our collaboration with the NHS - the UK's National Health Service - on the flu vaccine awareness campaign is another source of pride in a year that we will, like it or not, remember for a long time.

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