Google Premier Partner Agency

Only excellence becomes a Google Preimer Partner.

What is a certified Google Premier Partner agency?

Being a Google Premier Partner agency means having access to the wide range of Google services reserved exclusively for the best Partners.

RichClicks is a Google Premier Partner agency made up of certified Google consultants for the various areas of expertise. RichClicks is one of the 200 agencies selected as "best in class" in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

With RichClicks you can benefit from a direct relationship with Google throughout all phases of your project.

What makes a Google Premier Partner agency so special?

Agencies that use this title work with a team of professionals and experienced consultants who have proven their individual skills in the digital sector. Their skills have been carefully measured through the attainment of platform certifications specifically created by Google itself, so as to 100% ensure that the consultants deserve this renowned title.

With study and dedication, these prestigious Google certifications can be obtained after passing with flying colours exams. 

Certificates remain tangible proof of knowledge and expertise in Adwords management and are compulsory, in fact, to obtain a Google Partner badge, all consultants in an agency must possess them.

Demonstrating your expertise remains the best calling card when presenting yourself to new clients and companies, who will immediately understand that you are an expert in the field.

What are the requirements to become a Premier Partner?

Obviously, Google has to assess many other requirements before assigning this title to its name.

Which ones, specifically?

  • Be an all-round company. An agency that aspires to this title must make itself known to Google and tell its story, describe itself and present itself as a fully-fledged business in the sector.
  • Investment in the platform. Google needs to be sure of the consultants' skills not only in theory but also in practice; those who aspire to this accolade must be able to manage fairly competitive budgets.
  • Best practice. Once participation in this programme has been applied for, Google monitors and observes the progress of campaigns to ensure that they are all managed in the best possible way. Once actual capabilities are established, Google issues a performance certificate.
  • Certified consultants. At least one employee of the agency must have obtained Adwords certificates.

The benefits of choosing a Google Premier Partner agency.

Google's Premier Partnership Programme is aimed at only the best agencies that meet certain quality requirements.

It is designed to meet the specific needs of your business in a flexible and effective manner.

The Google Premier Partnership not only guarantees that the agency you are using is competent and trustworthy, it also ensures:

  • Dedicated support from Google, aimed at maximising the performance of your site.
  • Total Flexibility.
  • Total control over Ad distribution.
  • Direct access to Google betas by taking advantage of your competitors.

Being able to count on direct contact with Google specialists will also qualify your business.

Premier Google Partner agencies are differentiated by the huge reservoir of resources they have access to and even more timely Google support including on-site client events, business development sessions and advanced support.

If you are looking for a Google Premier Partner Digital Marketing Agency, we are your ideal partner.

We have offices in London and Milan and operate in the Italian and international markets with native-speaking consultants.

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