Case Study

The Client

TONI&GUY Italia was founded in Milan in spring 1997, thanks to the crucial commitment of Sergio Carlucci and Charity Cheah. The global company has 475 salons in 48 countries, and was founded in 1963 in Clapham, London.

The challenge

The client wanted to acquire new students to try and deliver some of their new courses at the T&G Academy. For this campaign we were looking for people in the Milan area to learn about courses that had not been in the spotlight until then. We decided that the best way was to get more visibility on Google Ads, by creating a dedicated campaign that would cover all search areas. To do this, we created 4 different ad groups that would allow us to effectively cover all the requests of online users. The best result with the least investment: challenge accepted.

The approach

The strategy we used focused on reaching all those within the Lombardy region who were looking at any type of course offered by T&G Academy. To do this we targeted a specific geographical audience, working on a specific target in the region. So, quality leads, who could potentially attend the school. We further optimised by making some bid adjustments, especially on devices. In terms of strategy, we wanted to reach everyone who knew about us and those who didn't. To make sure we could create leads, we offered them a brochure that contained all the information about the academy's courses. What made our strategy work even more was the fact that we created our own landing page, which followed a clear and simple structure that guided the user in their navigation, suggesting intuitive ways to learn more about the brand.


+ 10.21%

Conversion Rate

+ 292%


- 30%



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