Best Italian Google Agency and top 100 EMEA

We are happy to announce that for the third consecutive year, Rich Clicks is of the leading agencies at the Google Premier Partner Awards, nominated for two of the most challenging and innovative categories: Mobile Innovation and Video Innovation.

Once again it is an honour to take part in one of the most influential venues for digital marketing agencies and to be considered by Google as one of the top 100 agencies in the entire Emea Market. To add to that, being nominated not only for one but two categories make us shine with pride, one of the very few to reach this position. We are a top 25 Google Premier Partner Agency EMEA in Mobile and Video.

In Italy, one of the markets that we represent, Rich Clicks is the best Google Premier Partner Agency, with 2 nominations.

But what does it mean to be nominated as one of the top 100 EMEA digital agencies?

This means that Rich Clicks has reached outstanding results with innovative strategies, committed effort and smart thinking and such values, officially recognised by Google, define us as one of the best digital marketing agency in the EMEA market. In fact, the nominees are specifically dedicated to expertise which has reached goals using cross-device strategies, helping business to really convert and achieve their goals online.

Let’s have a closer look at the categories we have been nominated for (and why we think we own it):

Video Innovation – TOP 25 EMEA Google Agencies:

The future is visual, we know it, and we believe that video marketing is the next greatest step to succeed. For this reason, we always consider crucial to include Video content within an effective digital strategy, a fundamental tool to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, refresh online identity and communicate new promotions. With Youtube community constantly growing, our team is always updated with the latest trends and tips on video advertising.
With us, you will never miss a viewer.

Mobile Innovation – TOP 25 EMEA Google Agencies:

Mobile technology is ruling the Internet and for a digital agency prioritising the development of mobile strategies has become an actual necessity.
To ensure a good and innovative “mobile approach” it is important to understand what type of content needs to be produced in order to reach a specific kind of audiences.
In the fast world of mobile advertising, there is no time for money wasting or wrong choices: failure is only a few taps away. That is why we always rely on AMP pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to optimise our client’s accounts and a great variety of tools to keep up with Google mobile speed standards.
Numbers don’t lie and with innovation, accuracy and creativity Google nominated us for this category.

We look forward to participating to the event which will take place in Dublin: in the meantime we keep our fingers crossed.

We will keep you posted!

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